Tuesday, January 05, 2010


On the wall hung three pictures, a Christmas gift from some years ago.

The top picture is of a moon, smiling, and a heart shaped balloon, floating.

The bottom picture is of a person, grounded, looking upward, skyward holding the balloon string.

Take away the top and bottom picture and all you have is the middle picture, which, without close inspection, is simply blue sky.

That is us, the Taylor family.

Look closely, very closely, and you might see the balloon string, tugging, tearing in the hands of our friends, family and church.

But a casual glance and there is nothing to see. The Taylors are between jobs, between schools, between countries, between what is familiar and known and what is dream and not known. It’s a unique space, in which we’re looking, hoping, trusting, wondering …

Posted by steve at 09:41 PM