Saturday, March 20, 2004

a jest at floating language

the little boy emerged from the mud grinning.
soundbites were stuck to his ears and
video loops were scribed to his fingers

he was followed by a community of other grinning kids.
they had found life and were having a ball.
new games to live in
fresh expressions of church to narrate

some older kids pointed and laughed.
a Calvanist kid called the mud disgusting.
an evangelical kid though he recognised the Bible
a liberal kid spotted the outline of human experience

the theology police sauntered by
the black batons of barth and rahner
slapping against slick black leather thigh

“labels please
how would you describe your play
in non-modernist terms”

the little boy picked some mud from his ear
i am not sure i am in the right place.”
he grinned

“would you like to play” he asked.
and with twinkle in eye
returned to the mud

Posted by steve at 09:02 AM


  1. [grins] : I’m with ye!

    Comment by wee pict — March 20, 2004 @ 9:15 am

  2. i wanna play, is there any mud in the eastern US? or is it all “down under”?

    Comment by Heidi — March 20, 2004 @ 9:33 am

  3. you seriously think Barth and Rahner weren’t playing, with twinkles in their eyes?

    Comment by maggi — March 20, 2004 @ 10:04 am

  4. *smile*

    Comment by Lisa — March 20, 2004 @ 6:55 pm

  5. Imagine a world without labels…how quiet it would be…

    …the silent wholeness of God.

    Comment by glen — March 21, 2004 @ 1:10 am

  6. beautiful steve–thanks.

    And glen, wow. the silent wholeness of God.


    Comment by jared — March 23, 2004 @ 7:55 am

  7. Beginning theologian

    Maggi’s recent posting Rahner was an amateur and Steve’s posting of a while back a jest at floating language struck chords with me. I’m a theologian by profession, spending my working week researching, developing and teaching theology yet I often…

    Comment by Greenflame — March 27, 2004 @ 12:24 pm

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