Saturday, December 03, 2005

angel spotting

This worked well on Sunday evening; Context: Often the taking up of the offering on Sunday evenings becomes a time to chat and whistle, or worse, hum strange tunes!

angel.jpg With the start of Advent, I had placed a number of angels around the church. During the offering, I whipped up the following question on PPT; Ponder this … how many small golden angels can you see around this church?

People were looking all around, up out of their seats, counting and searching, a lot more connected than normal. The offering prayer then included a thankfulness for Advent and the presence of 8 angels in the church, and a gladness that God’s angel presence is with us all the time, inside and outside church.

A useful way to keep connection, build another layer into the service and encourage attentiveness to space and the church season.

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