Friday, October 11, 2013

College Introduces New Staff and Modern Topics with 2014 Timetable Release

Adelaide College of Divinity (ACD) has revised and released its brand new 2014 timetable, introducing a range of updated topics with a modern emphasis on learning beyond the class room. The College plans to introduce a full complement of lecturers from seven different denominations to its academic staff and will place emphasis on community and on-line learning with the introduction of a Blended Educational Design Co-ordinator.

ACD was founded in 1979 with the vision of forming students for a world of genuine religious diversity. The desire was to provide an experience of the reality of John 17, Jesus’ vision of a unified Christian body. The diversity of study options within the new 2014 ACD timetable continues to express a strong and continued passion for learning, encompassing diversity, unity and respect.

“We live in a world that desperately needs different religious groups to work cooperatively” says ACD Executive Officer, Janet Buchan. “The new ACD timetable reflects the involvement of lecturers from a variety of denominations – each secure in their heritage, respectful of difference and committed to providing the best theological education, encouraging students to excel in their learning.”

Next year’s ACD lecturers come from at least seven different denominations including Anglican, Baptist, Churches of Christ, Catholic, Salvation Army and Lutheran. This collaboration of denominations fits well alongside the Uniting Church denomination, itself an ecumenical movement formed from Congregationalist, Methodist and Presbyterian denominations in the 1970s.

A focus on ecumenism is present in many areas of the College, including the chapel and the Adelaide Theological Library, which continues to host treasures from a wide range of Christian traditions.

The new timetable has an additional emphasis on learning beyond the four walls of a classroom with three topics being taught as ‘study tours’ throughout the course of the year – an indigenous immersion experience, a missions immersion experience and a trip to the places where Paul walked and worked.

Blended learning will also be introduced in 2014. “Community and inter-connection are very important for learning – both for onsite and distance education students,” comments Uniting College Principal, Steve Taylor. “Technology today allows us to connect students with lecturers and with each other, no matter where people are situated. We are delighted to be employing a Blended Educational Design Officer in 2014. This will allow the College to offer an even more connected learning experience for students, no matter where they live and work around Australia.”

Press release 11 October 2013. For the 2014 timetable go here, or contact the ACD Office, 08 8416 8464.

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