Friday, February 26, 2010

one day while talking

So we sat. She was Aboriginal and waiting for a meeting. We’d met a few times in the last month and so this was a chance to be relational.

So we sat. And we talked. About life and change. About cultures and crossing. About relationships and pain. It was such a hopeful, empowering conversation and I came away with two gifts, two words: replacement and process.

When you lose something, you need to have it replaced. So what needs to be replaced in the lives of so many people, particularly Aboriginal men, who have lost so much? We can’t go back. We don’t want to stay stuck in a moment. So how can we replace what’s lost?

And process. It takes time to replace something. Just like becoming a Christian. Sure you say the words, but discipleship is a life long journey. And so the replacement needs to be a process. Saying sorry is a start. A very important start. But only as part of a process.

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