Saturday, August 25, 2012

the joys and tensions of a “church serving College”?

It is interesting to reflect on the activities of our College faculty over the last week or so.

One is speaking over the weekend to youth throughout the State about mission. Another is speaking to a chaplains retreat about the place of lament in mission and ministry. Another chaired a gathering of lay folk interested in history, church and influence. Another led a 2 day annual leadership retreat for ministers of another denomination. Another is Interstate, speaking at a young adults camp. You get a glimpse of a College faculty deeply engaged in the life and ministry of the church. Which is very life-giving.

The tension that results is around the multiple masters that a College serves. There is only so much a group of people can do. This post is another way for me to reflect on a recurring issue Can one College serve two masters: academy or church?

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