Monday, April 19, 2004

wedding sermon with thanx

here is someone’s personal spirituality in response to the wedding semon , read below.

“who did not accept false oneness”. Why, oh why have I spent so much of my life trying to convince God that I am worthy of his acceptance? Why have I spent over 15 years avoiding Jesus because I can’t live up to His ideal and am too proud to want his help? I don’t want his help. I want to be accepted and adored for who I actually am; proud, quirky, hurting, succeeding, gifted, broken, whole and fragmented.

It cracked me open this morning to see in black and white the wholeness, the holiness, of being exactly who you are. Limited. Real. And that the brokeness is a much stronger building block than perfection or good intentions could ever be. I felt hope inside. It bubbled. That sense of ‘maybe’ got in a bit deeper, moving a bit of the performance aside. Maybe Jesus does accept me and won’t force his change upon me. Maybe my limitations are the attractive part about me. Maybe, in my limitations and reality, the foundations stones of true building are laid down. In moving away from falsity, embracing my limitations, my disappointments, my reality, space is made for ME. I can move away from pursing false one-ness with Jesus and maybe just be. Be acceptable and accepted.

for more go here at Get Yer Goat

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