February 20, 2004

Does size matter?

Today I had coffee with a group of women.
Discussion meandered from children to work and life.

I was introduced as a pastor’s wife to a woman who is also involved in pastoral ministry. She asked about the size of my church and disclaimed the smallness of hers.

How strange to be in a big church!
What has changed?
My location.
My husband’s job.

It says nothing of the actual health of the church.
It merely assumes that bigger is better.

I realised I simply didn’t care how big their church is.
And yet for years I have similarly felt graceway was less significant because less in size.

Silly me!

Not a question of size as much as a question of fit.
Does it work for the people who attend?
Is it deepening their relationship with God?
Enhancing their spirituality?
Helping them as they live and interact in the world that God loves.

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February 19, 2004

Fish and chips at Sumner Beach

Fish and chips on the beach tonight
Sun setting, light bouncing off clouds onto the sea.
Stormy weather over the alps
Promise of bad weather coming our way.
Nice to stop at the end of a busy day
…blow some cobwebs
Kids playing – drawing maps in the sand
(And to know I’m 50% less likely to get heart disease, as promised below!)

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Sign on a fish and chip shop window

If you eat fish at least once a week
You are 50% less likely to have heart problems.

Grilled? Fried? Deeeep fried?

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Paper – Bag Angel

Yesterday a Paper – Bag Angel visitied me in my home.

Door bell rang,
Woman at door says, “Sometimes when people move house I offer to help them spring-clean. I was just passing. Is there anything I can do to help?”

Replies I, “Come and look at my bedroom”.

When we shifted the packers destroyed a small forest wrapping everything carefully in paper. Very carefully. For example, a poster size (A0) sheet protected the plastic thing we fill the iron with. Excessive consumption!

All this paper we stuffed back into boxes as we unpacked.

There are two more stories here I won’t tell you about
a) why we still have the paper, and
b) why it all ended up in a BIG (really big) pile in our bedroom.

But suffice to say I had spent an exhausting morning humping firewood around, and now I faced a mountain of paper in my bedroom, guests coming for dinner, and an unwell 4 year old.

Thank you to my Paper-Bag Angel who spent 2 hours with me bagging my paper, and then taking it off in her car to the recycling depot.

Next time you come we can just sit and relax!

My experience yesterday reminds me to listen to those wee prompts to pop in on people, and to act on them.

It also reminds me that I have a loving God who cares about the little things in my life (little in significance, not little in SIZE!)

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