April 30, 2004

Washing and drying

I am ridiculously pleased to have my washing machine
washing (or more precisely, spinning) well.

It has always been temperamental.

Finally got fed up with it
after I spun the clothes 4 times,
left them outside for 2 days
and finally brought them in,
dry enough to throw in the drier
(ie not dripping any more).

Kind man from Appliance Works
pulled apart machine
Found lump-of-lint
(plus parts of the element-
I remember a big bang last year)
reassembled machine
and now it spins merrily.

Curiously, I examined lump-of-lint
Poked, prodded, pulled…
…looks like…
…can’t be…

You know the reusable breast pad things
you use when breastfeeding…
yep… one of those

Quick sums
Kayli is 4.3
stopped feeding at 9 months
prob stopped needing those things at 2-3 months.
For four years (and several repairs!)
that thing has been clogging the system.

Happily now I wash the clothes,
wash the clothes,
wash the clothes,
Happily now I wash the clothes,
wash the clothes
All day long
(please sing the above to the tune of
Mary had a little lamb)

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April 28, 2004

on being a grown-up

Just read Marion’s blog.
She’s back to “normal” life
post wedding and honeymoon
– welcome back, marion! –

She says, “I feel like often I am thinking “What would an adult do in this situation?” and then I do that because I don’t feel very adult at all. ”

At Mum’s 70th party, I had an “I am an adult” moment.

I was cutting up the cake for Mum
after she’d done the official cutting bit.
And I suddenly thought,
“Roll reversal…
I am cutting the cake for my mother…
I have co-organised a fantastic
dream-come-true party
for my mother …
I am a grown up …”

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Practised netball last night…
touching a netball for the first time in eight years.
Gallumphed around the court in red-faced manner.

Good news-
I can still walk this morning.
Bad news-
It’s too late for basic fitness training.

Grading day on Saturday.
Wish me luck
(No, not to win,
just to make it through the game
without embarassing myself!)

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April 25, 2004


Am about to collapse on the sofa
with a book (Jodi Picoult).
We celebrated Mum’s 70th birthday last night
with a surprise party, a dance.
It was a huge amount of work
and a huge amount of fun.

Mum was delighted.
Dad brought her in as Grant sang,
“When I saw her standing there”
(Well she was just seventy… etc)

Mum’s been hooked on rock’n’roll
since my brother, Grant, played in a band
(Cornerstone) probably 15+ years ago.

Didn’t manage to pull the same band together,
but Grant played, as did another (John) from Cornerstone
with a group that John plays with regularly
and David, the spectacular saxophonist.

it was great.
Stacks of people danced.
Had an absolute ball.


Now I’m absolutely shattered.
Crawling off to relax!

More reflections later
(once the rest of me recovers!)

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April 21, 2004

Don Binney

Went to Don Binneys exhibition
at the Auckland Art Gallery on Monday.
It was amazing.

I have a book of his work
but hadn’t before seen one “live”.

He uses textures amazingly
with different parts of the topography using
not only different colours, but different globbiness
(there’s probably a technical word for that!).

And his use of brush strokes in the feathers
is very cool.

His work reflects an environmental concern
(from way before it was trendy)
as well as a deep spirituality.

Steve talks about it here.

Get yourself there if you have the opportunity.
It’s well worth it.

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The Warehouse Saga ends happily

Just back from a trip to The Warehouse.
Remembered that the girls have never actually spent
the $20 each they got for Christmas.
(One of those, “Here’s $20
now let me look after it for you in my wallet
as we’re on holiday and it’s likely to get lost”
sorts of gifts)

So perfect opportunity to ‘fess up
to inadvertant non-payment of birthday gift

So here I am
absolved of any guilt.

And the girls have new
Polly Pccket and Barbie beach bug.
(argghh commercialism)

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April 20, 2004

Home again

Home again after a long weekend in Auckland.

Steve preached at, we all attended,
Nick and Marion’s wedding.
It was great.
They arrived in VW combi vans
marion and bridesmaids looked gorgeous
nick looked nervous (and pleased as punch)

Great to witness their commitment to each other
their love, their tenderness.

Nice to catch up with Graceway friends.
Nice now to be home!

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April 14, 2004

A birthday present

Those of you who shop frequently at The Warehouse
are probably familiar with the feeling of glee
when you arrive at the counter to pay
and discover that the item you deliberated over buying
has somehow been reduced from $15.95
to $2.00.

It’s a nice feeling!

I thought it had happened to me
when I was shopping for Shannon’s birthday present.

All the items were beeped through merrily.
I was bracing myself for the fact
that I may have spent over $100.
(Videos were all 25% off
so I’d bought a couple that Steve
will use in lectures/preaching,
plus Finding Nemo
– which he’ll no doubt also use –
plus birthday pressies for Shannon
and party stuff for the party)

Total: $55


Thought I,

until I got home to discover
that I hadn’t been charged for Shannon’s main present:
Polly Pocket Swimming Pool set.

So now I get to go back to The Warehouse
and let them know
and pay.

What a blooming nuisance
I’ve decided I won’t make a special trip…

Perhaps I’ll waĆ­t til they’re on special??

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April 11, 2004


Best moments over Easter:

: Reading the Easter story (John 18 and 19)
with Steve at our Good Friday service
: Watching people come forward
to lay rose petals on the cross,
oldies leaning heavily on their sticks
children placing petals carefully
people coming to honour
and say “goodbye” to the Jesus they love.
: Being there as people travelled the Easter journey
and came out blessed
: Waking this Easter Sunday to a crisp frost
and clear, bright day
to celebrate the Risen Jesus
: Holding a tray of flowers as people came to
flower the cross in celebration.

He is risen!

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Easter courtesy of my children

When Shannon (6) came out of the Easter Journey
I asked her if she had any questions
or if anything had particualrly struck her.

“Mum”, she said
“I just learnt lots of things about Easter.
I can’t really tell you what or how”

Kayli (4) was terribly upset on Friday morning,
“I don’t want Jesus to die” she said.

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