May 30, 2004

Pentecost – more than WWJD

Sitting in church today,
smiling at Steve’s sermon,
it suddenly clicked for me.

I’ve never really gotten too excited
about the whole wwjd (What Would Jesus Do?) thing.
I’m sure it’s great for people, and I can understand why,
but for me it hasn’t just hit the spot.
I figured I was too old(!) and that was why.

But today I realised…
there’s more to it than that.

Steve asked us two questions
of some scenarios he set out:
Could this be the Spirit of Life?
Where is the Spirit of Jesus?

And I realised as I listened to people’s responses
that those questions had the potential
to change lives: their lives, my life.

Because if I have my eyes open
looking for the work of the Spirit of Life in the world
and if I am asking where the Spirit of Jesus is in it all
then that is 100% good!

Suddenly there is a framework
to explain why people
who wouldn’t call themselves Christians
can be so spot-on, so perfect
in their blessings and helps and in their work

Because the Spirit of Life, the Spirit of Jesus
(that’s the Holy Spirit in case you’re still worried)
is active in our world.

Let’s celebrate it as such!

Celebrate all the work of the Spirit in the world
(not just that which happens within the church walls,
or from church-run ministries)
And look for the Spirit of Jesus in it all.

(I’ll ask Steve to post some of his sermon up…
to help explain more
watch this space)
LATER – Na… he’s opted not to … may publish it somehow later …

Tonight at church, they are
(following my above thoughts)
benedicting by stamping SL SJ
on their hands
Spirit of Life
Spirit of Jesus
… a reminder to ask
Could this be the Spirit of Life?
Where is the Spirit of Jesus?
as we go through our everyday.

May it be so.

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So why is it…
that the amount of time
you spend staring at the shampoo
in the supermarket,
trying to decide which one to buy…

(how am I meant to know if my hair
needs a volume boost or straightening…
it can’t decide… I can’t decide… don’t make me!
…and then there’s the fact that
steve and i use the same shampoo
and his hair is certainly curly!)

…the greater the likelihood that once you get home
you’ll discover the shampoo you have just bought
has turned into conditioner.


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May 27, 2004

Yesterday, I could see the mountains

Yesterdat I walked home
after dropping Shannon at school
looking at our gorgeous mountains
set against a clear blue sky.

Today my world is shrouded in fog.
I can see the letterbox!

But I am happy to believe that the mountains are still there.
Blanketed away, to be sure.
But an ever-present reality.

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May 26, 2004

On good news…

Just received an email update
from James Frankham
who gets to travel the world,
writing, photographing, listening…

It is nice to hear news of hope
of freedom
in what has been a “badlands”.

May they continue to know hope and peace
He writes,

“I returned from assignment in Kabul, Afghanistan last month. Once a city
on the vertices of east and west, it has endured 23 years of warfare
which drove many Afghans into exile in Pakistan and Iran. Kabul now has
a taste of peace. The streets are lively, confident and bustle with
simple industry. People seem liberated. In fact in the last 12 months
the population has swelled from 500,000 people to more than 3 million!
If you want to see some photos of Kabul, or read some thoughts from the
field just log in to the Wildlands site. ”

More, specifically on Kabul, here.

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May 25, 2004

Tapestry of love…

As part of Sunday morning’s church service,
we (silently) prayed our way through Colossians 2:2.

I was struck by the phrase that says;
“I want you woven into a tapestry of love”
(from The Message)

And I could imagine the sense of belonging
that could come from people
easily seeing where they fitted
in the tapestry of life, of love, of community.

In unfinished tapestries
you can clearly see where the thread will go
because the colours are printed onto the fabric below.

How nice it could be
for people to so be welcomed,
to so feel the potential for belonging…
because they can see their colour printed
on the tapestry
and know it is waiting for them
to be stitched into it.

How can we create communities
where such is the sense of belonging?
How can we help people
to see the unique colour of their thread?

Sounds like a life’s work!

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May 21, 2004

Pause … sigh … good

Came across this,
thanks to Anj (thanks!).

I think it may become for me
a site to take a deep breath at.
To pause and reflect
and take a moment.

A sort of a coffee break in a morning’s work.

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May 20, 2004

look what i can do…

Just learned to upload photos…
how cool is that?!


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A verse from Paul

This is posted on Paul’s blog:

(written by a Jew on a prison wall in Cologne)
I believe in the sun
even when it is not shining.
I believe in love
even when I cannot feel it.
I believe in God
even when he is silent.

Too often our faith in God can mean
that we seem to think
we have a right to “smoothness”
to the sun always shining
to warm-feelings of love
to knowing a sense
of God’s presence, or God’s voice.

But it’s not like that, is it?
We need to be grown up enough
to believe
when the object of our belief is out of sight –
around the corner, perhaps,
or seemingly absent altogether.

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May 19, 2004

A PS on self-esteem etc

A PS to the previous entry
I need to say that I think the Body Shop is great
The website I directed you to has good stuff.
And hats off to The Body Shop
for the way they trade and care
and follow their convictions
and help us follow ours.

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May 18, 2004

On self esteem… and stuff

I sat at a cafe today in the Riccarton Mall
(sorry, Westfields Riccarton – blah!)
with my two girls
waiting for my capuccino.

Also waiting was a woman whose back I could see.

She looked like she was dressed in retail-uniform
(using that to describe what people work in retail wear
not the required dress-code for retail shoppers!)
and I was curious to know for whom she worked.

You see, across the back of her t-shirt were the words
“I’ll always be number one to myself”.

And I shook my head and wondered if I was reading it right.

She finally turned around and returned to work.
The front of her t declared she was working at The Body Shop.

How is that?
Why do we need to take a healthy emphasis on good self-esteem,
such as what I find here on their web-site
and turn it into a “therefore I am number one” statement.

I don’t wanna be number one.
I wanna be an interdependent part of my many networks.
I want to be Steve’s wife and partner
but not number one, not the most important.
I want to be the mother of my children
but not number one, not the most important.
I want to be a good sister, a good friend
but not number one, not the most important.
I want to be a kind and loving daughter and daughter-in-law
but not number one, not the most important.
I want to be a good employee
but not number one, not the most important.
I want to be an involved, real, honest church member
but not number one, not the most important.

I want to live symbiotically
organically, interdependently.

I am not number one.
I don’t want to be.

I want to value my own importance,
but not above others.
I want to be whole
but not at others’ expense.

Most of all,
I don’t want it to be a hierarchy
where someone is number one,
thus assigning others other, lower, numbers.

Don’t wanna!

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