July 30, 2004

Last and Found

I’ve been found.

Just had an email from an old friend.

Rach knew me in my Last Footware Company days,
and ordered herself a pair that lasted her well for 10 years.

Now, 16 years later
(I count desperately back… it can’t be that long!)
she’s on the hunt for another pair.

Being a 21 Century woman she searches on the Internet
for Last Footware Company.

And, she says:
I was just looking for the Last Footwear Company online and a Lynne Taylor site cameup….I just HAD to have a look. It WAS you!

So she’s contacted me and it was really nice to hear from her.

I like that about the Internet.
I like the people I have found
and the people I have refound.

For me,
it doesn’t depersonalise but helps me connect and reconnect.

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July 29, 2004

Ice heart

I went to Side Door
(a monthly alt.worship congregation
that Joyce and Peter Majendie from Opawa Baptist run monthly)
last week.

The theme was winter
and I was given a heart-shaped ice cube to hold in my hand.

I held it until it melted away.

cold heart
melts away
in the warmth of my spring

To begin with it was really unpleasant
– cold –
and I had to keep moving it from hand to hand
to cope with the chill.

But as my hand adjusted to the cold
I began to enjoy it
and knew I would regret the moment
when it would melt away.

When it had melted completely,
I held the last of the water in my palm
And then rubbed it over my hands
Being sure I had gotten every last bit.

Maybe life’s like that.

The stuff that starts out as painful or uncomfortable or unpleasant
actually becomes an essential part of our being.

Those experiences that shape our lives
become integrated into our whole.

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July 28, 2004

Water stop!

One of the things I tried to do since moving to Chch
was find a water-stop thing for in the cistern of our loo.

A few years back in Auckland we had a water crisis
and were all encouraged to save water.

Small, simple, lead weight things were brought out
that you put into the tube-thing in the cistern of the loo
(older style loos without the dual flush option)
that meant that a quick flush used less water
and you could hold the button down for a long flush…

Tried to get one in Chch…
no-one stocks them.
Forgot to buy one when I went back to Auckland
(Onehunga Mitre 10 sell them – I know!!)

But here I found the hint I needed:

Top tip
Place bottles of water in the toilet cistern (away from the flushing mechanism) to reduce the volume of water used in each flush

I shall fill a bottle with water.

The downside is that there won’t be
the option for the bigger flush as required.

Shall see if it works…

The Greenie

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July 27, 2004

Goodbye Paris

This time three years ago,
I was just back from 3 months in the UK.

We lived in Aberdeen where Steve was supervised for his PhD by John Drane.

We toured lotsa alt.worship churches in the UK, meeting some of the gurus, those who went before us.

We ended with a weekend in Paris.

The Musee D’Orsay, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame
a exchange-rate-miscalculated drink in the park by the Louvre.
Bread and cheeses.
And a little shopping.

Yesterday I faced the fact I need to say
to my Parisian sunglasses.
(Purchased from two gorgeous (but then they all are!)
Parisian women as I wandered with my girls.)

So anyway, yesterday,
I pullled them out to put on
(thinking happy I-got-these-in-Paris thoughts)
But, sadly, only one lens made it out of the case.

Tres chic? Non.

So they sit on my bed
and I half-heartedly try to stick the lens back in.

To no avail.

Perhaps I shall have to go back…

Maybe not.

But then as a consolation prize,
I watched some of the end of the Tour de France yesterday.

So I got to see some of the sights again…
(How is it that those streetlamps are just SO Paris??)

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Back again

Hi there
Yes, I know it’s been an age

Happy to report that I have nice new laptop
(just need to find all the keys!)

Bigger screen so all Steve’s blog page fits when I view it!

I’ve been turning my computer on reluctantly
as it was on it’s last legs and I wanted to be sure it would last til I could transfer everything over.

it did!

So I am back.

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July 16, 2004


Getting away on holiday last Monday was a slow affair…
The detritus from having had friends for dinner
the night before needed to be cleared up.
Larraine was to borrow our house
and sleep in Kayli’s bed,
so we needed to change sheets
Packing to be done.
Steve had the final final final changes
to his PhD to send off for approval.
Videos to collect
Library books to return.

At last we were ready to go.
We drove to the library,
I popped the books in the slot,
walked outside to join the others in the car.

Suddenly a leash was thrust into my hand.
And a woman spoke,
“Young lady,”
(now, that pleased me)
“Can you please hold Barnaby for me,
while I go to the toilet”.

Looking down,
I see the leash I am holding
is attached to a small greyish brown dog.

And she was gone
Heading off to the Library loo.

Turning, she informed me,
“Be careful, he doesn’t like cycle helmets”,
as a boy put his helmet on and began to cycle towards us.

“Grrr. Woof woof”, said Barnaby crossly,
as I held on firmly.

“But why doesn’t he like cycle helmets?”
the boy asked me, taking evasive action.

“I have no idea.” I said, bemused.

“But why doesn’t he like cycle helmets?”
the boy asked again, eyeing us both strangely.

“I have no idea.” I replied, “He isn’t mine”.

And the boy wobbled his way off
down the footpath,
occasionally looking back at the strange duo,
as I smiled
and Barnaby bared his teeth at him.

At this point I walked to the car
to explain why I was loitering around the library
and not ready to go.

As I waited for Barnaby’s “mother”,
(as she had defined herself),
I toyed with some anxious thoughts,
“What if she doesn’t come back?
What if I have Barnaby forever?”,
Discarded silly thoughts, and waited patiently.

She returned.
I passed over my charge
And we began our trip to Geraldine.

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July 11, 2004

Home again …

Just home from a deliciously refresing week away.

Six nights in Geraldine, South Canterbury,
including a day trip to Lake Tekapo
where we oggled the mountains
and went find some snow.

Snowman, snowfight, icy slip.
Brilliant sunshine.

Two days later we headed the other way
and the girls made sandcastles
(vocanoes for some reason)
on the beach at Caroline Bay, Timaru.

Neither trip was over 1.5 hours
from where we were staying.

I like my country.

Driving down there were
amazing views of the Southern Alps
snowy and crisp.

And at Caroline Bay
I got to see both sea and mountain
in the same vista.

It was a fun, relaxed break.
We played games
(especially our new Cranium Cadoo)
read heaps
watched videos
ate, drank, enjoyed.
7 days of sunshine.

Twas good.

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July 02, 2004

Duh, duh, duh

After a day of being convinced that my modem is dying/dead (and possibly the whole laptop). Or that the file I deleted off my desktop WAS crucial,

I now discover that the phone cable is not working.

Silly, silly girl.

Off to bed now.
Better day tomorrow.

(A long blonde moment from someone who only likes to think she’s still blonde … duh, duh, duh)

But hey, NZ won the netball!

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Missing friends

Every now and then
I realise how much I miss my Auckland friends.

I’m missing a special celebration for Jan today.
I do miss our Thursday night coffees
and the madness and hilarity they involve..
(burnt any good sugar sachets lately, Bridget?).

It’s funny moving on,
maintaining relationships,
but they are inevitably different at a distance
as I miss the every-day.

Having said all that
I am SOOO looking forward to seeing
Larraine and Kelli on Sunday.

Two good women, good friends of ours
who both happen to be in ChCh this weekend.

They’re speaking at church on Sunday night
about their spiritual journeys
and how Graceway fits in that.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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Congratulations, Jan

Today my very good friend, Jan
is being admitted to the Bar.

The ceremony is being held
at the old historical court at the High Court in Auckland
and she gets to do the whole wig and gown bit.

Jan studied part time for her law degree
for many years
(in fact for as long as I’ve known her)
between part time jobs
and caring for two children.

She graduated in May with her degree
and today is her admission ceremony
and the END of the long haul of study.

Congratulations, Jan.
You’ve done so well.


Sorry we’re not there to party with you.
We’re cheering from here.

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