August 27, 2004

Don’t ya just want to smell it…

Sorting through digital photos, I found this, taken in Autumn (Fall).

So gorgeous.


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August 24, 2004

Paper dolls

Had a good night at Digestion on Sunday.

Colossians 3:12-17
Put on compassion, kindness, humility,
gentleness and patience, forgiveness and love.

We talked about what that could mean
and then we wrote prayers on (literal) shirts
– one shirt for each thing we are to put on, strung up on a washing line at the front of the church –
asking help to be compassionate etc in certain circumstances.

Others coloured in t-shirts with the words printed on them for wee paper dolls.

The shirts were modelled in a prayer parade
– to God make me Funky
I read the prayers written,
and we replied “God make me funky with compassion (etc)”

People took their paper dolls home.
And I encouraged them to use them as a reminder
One woman was going to put hers in her wardrobe where she’d see it in the morning.

And yes, some of the guys sure got into paper doll colouring.

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August 20, 2004


We had a great Monday
Shannon’s school was closed for the day
We had fun!



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August 17, 2004

Report from snowy Christchurch

Sunday afternoon and Monday were magic.

The last time I experienced snow-at-home was in 1992 when Steve and I lived in Christchurch last time.

That time we woke up to a wonderful white world.

This time we got to see it happening
along with the added bonus of the children’s excitement.

Best moments?
Those first flakes and the peering out the window and the is it really? no it’s not cold enough? Yes, yes YES!

Monday morning when the sun shone and we opened the conservatory doors and the sun came in the roof and the door and we pulled the sofa around and sat and enjoyed.

Snowman making with the girls.

Our marvellous fire place.

It has been great.
Still some snow on our back lawn, plus a snowman (whose nose has fallen off) out the front.

More snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

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August 15, 2004

It’s snowing

Great big delicious flakes.

We are all very excited!!

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August 12, 2004

Hey… don’t lose sight of this…

Have you looked at and contributed to the new forms of church discussion…

I’d value your input…

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August 11, 2004

Wearing Mum’s poncho

I’m wearing my Mum’s poncho.

Granny made it for her last time they were in fashion (early-70s).

I brought it home with me tonight
after asking Mum how they were made
(“Mum, you know the poncho that Wild Bear wears… Is that crocheted?”
… Wild Bear being my #1 favourite teddy bear…)
Mum said she had her old one … that Gran had made her … and would I like it.

It is nice to wear it and remember Gran
and the way she loved to crochet and do crafts.
And playing cards with her.
And her loving me.

I inherited her love of shells and sea and making things.

She was very special.

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August 10, 2004

A micro-retreat

I’ve spent the last 30 hours (mostly) at Governors Bay
in the company of a bunch of people
who are doing or thinking about doing church
in different ways.

Called “Converse”
this is the third such event
with people from Auckland, Christchurch and Geraldine
gathering to talk and listen and share ideas.

Mark Pierson always does a fantastic job of facilitating these events.
His transition to Melbourne is our loss, their gain.

A highlight for me was a trip to the Chch Art Gallery.

One of the curators there, responsible for visitor experience,
talked with us about the curation process and how spaces are made to be accessible and inviting for visitors (as well as – obviously – the best they can for the art works.)

It was really interesting and has some fascinating overlaps into ministry, most obviously when there is a curation of a space (eg in an art exhibition or worship installation) but also in more general terms of “visitor experience” in people coming into a church/worship space.

Lots to mull over. Cos in many ways the circumstances are similar (which is of course why Steve organised us to go)… a range of people visiting with a range of levels of understanding about art/church. The potential for a sense of uncertainty or unfamiliarity, meaning people need to be given clear signals that they are welome to be there, and where to go to access what they have come from.

Good stuff…

(and I learnt that 1500mm is the internationally accepted standard height to centre artworks on, except the really big ones that are centred at 1800mm. I knew there was a reason that we hadn’t gotten around to hanging our art yet… after 6, no 7 months of being in Chch…)

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August 08, 2004

Help me out here…

I’ve been invited to a Church Planting Forum. We will be seeking to address the question, “What should the Baptist denomination be doing today in order to grow the number of churches throughout New Zealand over the next 20 years?”

I have also been commissioned to undertake a research project that identifies and prioritises areas for church planting over the next 20 years.

The way I see it there will be three main areas of concern for church planting in NZ over the next 20+ years. These are
1. Suburban church plants in new subdivisions, areas of growth, or areas where there is no Baptist presence, but where the population base is sufficient and where there is no obvious alternative.
2. Ethnic church plants or congregations for areas where there are concentrations of people of non-Pakeha ethnicity, for whom it would be most appropriate to worship within a particular cultural or language group.
3. Sub-cultural or specialized church plants or congregations for a particular sub-cultural group, likely to be un- or under-represented in our existing churches.

These first two areas are relatively easy to identify, and I am gathering that information. (And having loads of fun in the process…I do so enjoy it!)

It would be easy to neglect the third, but I am keen to do all I can to ensure that it is thoughtfully included in any discussions and decision making.

I want to brainstorm widely and well on what sorts of church plants and new congregations could be part of our future planning. I hope to come up with a (not exhaustive) list of possible groups that take into account the reality of our changing world. For some of these, there will be examples from NZ or around the world of how such groups have developed. Others won’t have examples as yet.

In doing this, I am aiming for a long list of possibilities. It’s like the classic brainstorming session where any idea is OK. I’d be really glad of your input and of the input of others you think could contribute.

The success of this exercise relies on people taking the time to think and respond. Please do what you can.

I’d be really glad of your comments and your leads…

And what will happen with the suggestions?


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August 06, 2004

Keep in touch

As I wandered around a local shopping mall yesterday, a group of people were having quite a conversation with another group of strangers.

And it made me think.

You see the people who were talking to each other were in two different cities.

Talking on the Telecom K.I.T video phones, they shared a conversation across many miles.

And the truly ironic thing was that there were two groups of strangers, talking to another group of strangers via the video phone.

Why?, I wondered, Do they feel freedom to talk to that group, via the screen in Wellington, and yet they don’t turn the 90 degrees required to talk to the real live people beside them.

Perhaps it is because they can escape the Wellingtonians if it becomes clear that they don’t want to converse any more. Easier to disengage oneself from a converstion with a stranger when you are required to be in a certain spot to see and hear each other. More difficult to escape if you are in the same space.

What do you think?

PS To Jan Mc here


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