September 29, 2004

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Monday – gorgeous day, lunch at the beach, kids donned new togs and splashed around in the sea. Planted some veges/flowers in freshly dug garden.
Tuesday – ghastly day, fresh snow on the Post Hills.
Wednesday – 7 degree frost at the airport. Glad I brought our wee tomato plants inside!

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September 23, 2004

the church

One of the things we attempted at the Church Planting Forum
was a definition of church.

It turned out to be a difficult exercise, not least because we weren’t entirely sure whether we were defining legally, ecclesiologically, or what.

All sorts of odd things came out.

I had a sense I’d come across a definition that I’d liked in my reading.

And found it too late.

But here it is:
From Mission-Shaped Church
Five values for missionary churches:
A missional church is focused on God the Trinity
A missional church is incarnational
A missional church is transformational
A missional church makes disciples
A missional church is relational

Sounds good to me!

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September 21, 2004

Our conservatory is not weather-proof

Our conservatory is not weather-proof…
but don’t panic… it is rain proof,
just not blossom proof.

In Spring winds
the blossom blows in the gaps between corrogated roof and wall
and falls peacefully to the ground.

Rather lovely!

OK, in winter winds the cold air blows in in a similar manner, but hey!
it’s spring now.
We don’t need to worry about that for another 8-9 months!

(as ever!)

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September 17, 2004


Maxim just posted this article.

They’re arguing that married men live longer than unmarried men, on the basis that of those who died in 2003 the average age of married men (aged 19 and over – and there’s the “Duh” factor) who died was heaps higher than the average age of unmarried men who died.

I commented, rather graciously, I would have to say…
There’s a wee issue with the stats here.

Let’s see…
suppose a young man dies at 19. Chances are he is not married. So he is in the not-married pile. If he waits until he’s 60 to die, he’s a whole lot more likely to be married.

Our young men who die are less likely to be married, so of course they lower the average age at which unmarried men die.

The information could be more meaningful if the age range started from when 50% of men are married, rather than at 19 years.

But really, it’s a totally shonky use of stats. I’m not going to say anything more, because I’m in danger of flaming them!

… so byeeeeee….

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September 15, 2004

This evening

This evening stretches before me.
I don’t need to work.
I’m not going through my basket of important things to be done.
I’m not going to spend long blogging.

I am going to blob.

But first,
the unexpected bonus of my two days in Auckland
was sitting at the table after lunch on the first day
and having my brother come and sit down beside me.

Grant lives in Auckland, very near to where my meeting was.

I hadn’t told him I was coming to Auckland.
I was hoping to call him when I was there, but didn’t expect to have any chance of seeing any family or friends.

By marvellous coincidence he had a (different) mtg at the same venue as mine that same day.

We had a few minutes to… well… mostly we just smiled at the irony and delight of it!

A very neat wee treat!

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September 14, 2004

Quick update

I’m home
Was very pleased with how it went in Auckland
More later on that…

Not pleased to have been away when Steve was sick…

Try me tomorrow for more coherency!

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September 10, 2004

Oh, marvellous internet

I like the internet (actually I’ve spent just about all day on and off it, finding out useful pieces of information on growing and not growing areas of NZ)

But I particularly like it right now because
for some reason
I have picked Spring (another gorgeous day today)
to get chilblains.

I think I’ve been working on them all winter
and they’ve finally decided this is their LAsT cHaNCe!

They’re caused by cold and bad circulation and I probably have them because my blood has decided that it doesn’t actually need to circulate beyond my wrists and ankles.

And they gat bad when you warm up, so I guess as my hands were cold all winter I didn’t get them! But here comes spring…

So anyway
I threw out my old chilblain remedy from when I last lived in Chch

So googled on chillblain (Ms Google kindly asked me, “Do you mean Chilblain?”
I replied, “Yeah, whatever”

And between us we worked out that it was arnica that I needed.

So here I am freshly arnicaed
And looking forward to the end of the itch.

(Otherwise I shall have to go and put my hands in the fridge!)

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September 09, 2004

I’d value your prayers

I am in a very busy season
preparing for a meeting in Auckland on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

I am trying to complete the hours of work that I have done/need to do in preparation, the remainder of which includes more reading than I have time for, lots of analysis of growth areas in NZ, and having all the information I have gathered clearly and concisely “together”, in my head, on paper and on powerpoint.

I am counting down!

I also need to continue to be “Mum”, and to hopefully squeeze in doing the dishes and stuff like that, as well as (small!) patches of time for a couple of people who need a bit of Lynne-time right now.

I need:
help to keep stuff in my head
to know if I am not going to get through it all and therefore what to set as priorities
to be kind to my children (steve is away, so I don’t need to be kind to him :))

All prayers greatly appreciated.


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September 08, 2004

On creativity…

Steve and my article on creativity, from a recent Reality magazine is now on-line.

Right here, in fact!

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September 07, 2004

Carl Laugesen

I was outbidded yesterday on trademe on a sketch that Carl Laugesen did of Kaikoura.

Carl Laugesen is the youngest son of my great great grandfather.

This is what one seller on trademe says about him: This artist is extremely well known and his name is littered through most NZ art reference books.His pastels,water colours and oils have hung in Te Papa and he was one of New Zealands elder statesman in the art world.

I’d like to think I have inherited his artistic talent… but I suspect those genes came from his mother’s side of the family, and I am descended from his father’s first wife, Carl from his father’s third.

But hey!

I would’ve liked to have owned a Carl Laugesen … especially a Kaikoura one as that is where I remember my Laugesens living. (He is most famous for his portraits of Maori people).

Maybe another time…

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