November 28, 2004

I’m ready

Advent has begun
and I am ready

Ready to decorate my tree
Ready to read my way through the Bible story.

But this advent is a long one
and the world isn’t ready.

No trees on sale on this the first Sunday of advent.

I guess they are waiting for the 1st December
But I am ready NOW!

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November 27, 2004

A prayer as you decorate your tree

Just wrote this prayer for an Advent resource we will hand out tomorrow.

Thought I’d share it will y’all!

Prayer for when you decorate your tree:
As we decorate this tree,
We remember your coming into our world.
We remember the star that the wise ones followed to your side.
We remember the gifts they brought.
We remember the young mother,
Mary and her fiance, Joseph.
We remember the sheep
and their shepherds.
We remember the angels who sang,
declaring the wonder of your birth.
We remember you, the baby Jesus,
born into our world because of God’s great love.

May we remember you
all through this Advent season
and prepare our hearts for your coming.


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November 25, 2004

Christmas in New Zealand?

As part of Opawa’s Christmas Journey,
a team of us are working with two classes from the local primary school.

The children are going to make dioramas
that tell something of the Christmas story.

As part of my preparatory surfing,
I came across the website
and noticed there was a page on Christmas in New Zealand.

I thought I’d have a wee look…
but clearly there isn’t much happening Christmas-wise in NZ this year!

Oh well, never mind!

(Actually a second look suggests that Christmas itself is off-line at the mo…
I guess it has a month to sort itself out!)

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November 24, 2004

Faster than a …

Faster than a …
Faster than a …
Faster than a …
Faster than a …
Faster than a …

…well, faster than if I’d walked ALL the way.

It is still raining in a cold and scuddy manner.
I encountered a southerly scud as I ran south,
but other than that it wasn’t too bad.

And as I went past the pool I noticed it was open,
so clearly they are keeping the ice hacked off it ok!

So that is good news for Friday.

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But it’s … like … raining

So I succeeded on Days 1 and 2 of my training regime.

Day 1 was a swim – I even swam further than recommended – not a big deal, the recommended was 200m!

Day 2 was a rest day – I can do that.

Now up to Day 3. The plan was to get up early and go for a jog.
Slept in.
Perhaps I’ll go in my lunchtime.
It is raining.

That’s a problem!

Also slightly concerned about Friday’s swim.
The local pool is an outdoor one
and it is meant to snow on the Port Hills tonight.

Will I have to crack ice off the top of the water?

Yeah, I know I’m a wuss!

OK. So I shall run/jog/walk at lunchtime
and we’ll worry about Friday when it comes.

You know, if I hadn’t blogged about this
I would’ve given up already!


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November 21, 2004

Could I do this?

Just caught the ad for the Special K Triathlon.

I’ve often thought about it, and I desperately need to do something to get fit (and shed my “winter coat”)!

Perhaps I could…

Lots of good reasons why it is not practical –
Steve is in the USA that weekend
– it’s a Sunday (they are always a sunday), so i’ll have church-things to do

but then if Steve is away I may not have church things…

Go on, encourage me

Tell me to do it

Anyone wanna join me?

(already a week behind in the training schedule!)

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November 19, 2004


Came across my first bookcrossing book yesterday – on a seat at the local shopping mall.

I seized upon it very excitedly.

It looks like it has had a rough trip – spent a night in the rain/dew at some stage I think!

It’s an old silly rhyme book that I had a copy of as a child.
(Oh, That’s Ridiculous)…
in fact I think I remember getting it for Christmas one year…

I’ll read it with the girls and send it on its way!

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November 18, 2004

A sleepy morning


Kayli has a cold.
An up-in-the-night sort of cold.
I pulled her into our bed (Steve is away)
where she needed drinks, to go to the loo, pamol
and then decided (after 1.5 hours of humpfing) that it was too dark in my room
so needed to be escorted back to her bed.

Don’t worry – she returned!
6.50am she was suddenly hungry.

Why are you sleeping Mummy
Why can’t i have breakfast now?

Poor wee poppet is all blocked up with a miserable cold
and watching videos.

Mummy is bleary eyed.
Perhaps another cup of tea will help…

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November 17, 2004


I see (a month or two after the event)
that Steve Chalke is stirring up the evangelicals
with his new book, “The Lost Message of Jesus”.

In part of this recent book,
he articulated the idea
that there are many different ways in which the Bible describes
what Jesus Christ accomplished for us on the cross.

Seems like pretty sane theology to me!

I haven’t read his book, just some of the comments and reflections around it.

I like what I see of his emphasis on restoration of relationship:

And that’s precisely what Jesus did when he suffered on the cross – he absorbed all the pain, all the suffering caused by the breakdown in our relationship with God and in doing so demonstrated the lengths to which a God who is love will go to restore it. (page 181)

Chalke wrote the book , not as a theological text, but “for those who don’t know Christ yet,” he said in a recent debate. “We [Christians] are considered to be guilt-inducing and judgemental.” Our focus on penal substitution is part of that problem, he said.

Perhaps there is a need for a good accessible theologically sound book on the topic…

He also talks about the “original goodness”,
(see genesis 1 – and it was good/very good refrain)
in contrast to the idea of original sin.

Hmm… wrote a theology 101 essay on this… must pull it out.

It is good to think, isn’t it!

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November 11, 2004

a new-to-me blogger

Just had an email from an old and dear friend introducing her blog…
“Katies World”

This chick is a world-class goodie.
Take a look!

I especially love her tram in melbourne description hereish – you’ll need to scroll down a bit.

I experienced Melbourne from the safety of trams and feet
and was glad not to be driving
(particularly I was glad not to be driving the motor home that several tram drivers were swearing at…)

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