December 30, 2004

On raspberries

Just commented this, here, kind of re the below post:

I have a wee raspberry cane (I think you call them canes?).
And I have an irrational delight in the very few raspberries that are growing there.

For nine years I poured everything I had into an emerging church.

We saw fruit.
Delicious, marvellous fruit.
People who found faith in Jesus.
People who retained faith in Jesus.

I celebrate this fruit.

I don’t need to have a supermarket full of it to know that it is good.

Now I am in a different context.
A bigger place,
where the fruit I have seen this year
is larger in number
but not different in quality.

And I am sure God celebrates just as much over the fruit seen in my previous context as that seen in my current context.

I celebrate the fruit!
And I don’t expect my small raspberry cane to produce enough for me to advertise inviting pick-your-own ers to come and pick…

but does that make my raspberries any less pleasing?
any less delicious?

Posted by Lynne Taylor at 06:26 PM

I’m a simple soul…

Steve talks of glazing over.
I can barely bring myself to turn on my laptop.

I need this time to be on holiday
so that I am refreshed, re-created.

I want to hang out with my kids
I want to use our kayaks
I want to paint the bach,
I want to paint.

I want to yell “Both-And” into whatever debates are raging out there
I want to know if Steve is being attacked.
I want to trust
to think the best
and i want to be realistic.

I want to hunker down
and wo-man-handle my husband away on the holiday
we are meant to have begun.

I want tall-poppies to be allowed to flower.
Specifically, I want MY tall poppy to be allowed to flower.

I want to get on with holidaying
so we can get on with what we are good at next year.

I want to believe my nine years at Graceway were fruitful
and I know damned well they were.
I want to be believed when I say that my nine years at Graceway were fruitful
because I know damned well they were.

And I am tired of justifying.

Too tired.

Shall I name the names?
I am glad of the crop of raspberries in my garden.
Glad of the people who have found and/or retained faith at Graceway.

So glad.

It was worth it for any one of you!

Am I rambling?
I think I might be rambling!

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December 17, 2004

No room at the inn

No room in my head.
Sorry, no room for blogging, currently.

No room in my head
No time in my day

I will be back.

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December 08, 2004

Jesus had a step-father

Two boys, arguing yesterday,
called me over to answer their question.

“Was Joseph Jesus’ Dad?”, one asked.

“No”, I replied, “Joseph wasn’t Jesus biological Dad”.

An AHA moment for me…
What a nice connection point for so many children today.
Kids who don’t live with their biological parent(s),
for whatever reason.

Jesus was born into a family where his “biological” Dad was absent
and he was raised by his mum and step-father.

A nice model for children
and for step-fathers…
I think that Joseph did a pretty good job!

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December 05, 2004

Oh Christmas Tree

So where are all the Christmas trees?

In Auckland, where we have lived for the past 11 Advents,
there were Christmas trees for sale on every corner.

… well, maybe not on every corner, but at least on my frequent routes

– for example,
on the way to Jan and Tony’s
we could easily pass three different “buy a tree here” spots …
two places that grew their own,
and then another (student) selling them on the side of the road.

And prior to that in Christchurch,
I remember trailer loads of Christmas trees in service stations.

I’ve been keeping a wee eye out for them this year.

Tomorrow would be a really good day to get one.

But no Christmas trees on the corner…
um… where do we get them from in Christchurch??


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December 04, 2004

The Ellipsis

OK< so it is an ellipsis not an elipse … i was close!

The Ellipsis from here

The ellipsis is three periods in a row. It signifies that words or figures are missing.

Most frequently an ellipsis is used with quotations. It may come at the middle or end of a quotation. It may be used at the beginning of a quotation if the quotation begins mid-sentence and there is an appropriate lead-in.

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December 03, 2004

Did’ya know?

I learnt something on Kayli’s preschool visit yesterday.

Reading Spot’s Christmas,
Mrs Harland asked the class of just-5 year olds,
what is that called,
pointing to a …

“An elipse”,
they all chimed merrily.

Well that’s good to know!

Posted by Lynne Taylor at 10:07 PM

Like, really…

I wrote a dialogue for our church women’s Christmas breakfast tomorrow.

Two angels telling the Christmas story.

I cast myself in the role of the excitable one who
in Kylie-style says, “like really” more times than ought to be possible.

The Australian accent even came in practise last night…
and today I had to stop myself from “like, really”-ing in everyday conversation.


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December 02, 2004

It’s a treasure trove!

I went to Creative Junk yesterday.

A small shop filled to the brim with, well, junk!

Tick, tick, tick, goes the brain as I imagine uses for:
ribbon-width lengths of fabric, self adhesive vinyl cirlces, foam pieces…

There must be loads we can use such things for!

You can fill a supermarket bag for $5.

I am working with two classes from a local primary schools making Christmas dioramas, that we wil display in our Christmas art installation (18-24 December), so I was after all sorts of bits’n’bobs for that.

I have lotsa goodies.
It should be fun.

…. still dreaming up worship-uses for self adhesive vinyl cirlces

Posted by Lynne Taylor at 09:02 AM