January 27, 2005

Slip knots…

Having spent far too long surfing/searching
for how to tie a slip knot
(3 girls, a trip to town,
came across a cool shop with beads and stuff,
now have three necklaces to make)

I just went with my instincts
and tied two perfectly good ones!


Now I want to make MORE things…

I must be done in my creativity-output stakes…

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January 21, 2005

A stalker in the library

We’d chosen our books
and were having a cool drink in the library cafe.

I noticed another cool-drinking-reader
was browsing 2 new books –
Colleen Mc whatever her name is’s latest
and Anita Shreve’s latest.

I am an Anita Shreve fan.

It looked like the woman was deciding which one to take.

She made her way back to the shelves to make her final selections…

I followed her around a little –
first with my eyes –
then with my legs
… and my children
… and my sister.

“What are you whispering about?”, asks Kayli
“Why are we following the lady with the book?”, asks Kayli.

Sadly, (and wisely in my opinion)
she opted for the Shreve.

And we four stopped cirlcling in a
“Winnie the Pooh around the spinney of trees ”
sort of way
and headed home.

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January 19, 2005

Holiday moment

One of the features (!) of our wee bach
is a cracked and held together by sellotape front window.

Another of the features of our wee bach
is a (large)tin shed, upside down, in front of the front window.
(That’s the window with the view of the mountains).

On arrival we decided the shed had to go.
We suspect it hadn’t always been there
– upside down in front of the window,
and pondered three possible reasons for it’s presence there…
1. It had been somewhere else and blew away and was caught and put there in a semi-sheltered sort of way.
2. It was protecting the cracked window from being blown in by NW wind
3. (Insert previous owners name) simply didn’t care that it was obstructing his gorgeous view.

So we moved it.
And suddenly we could see out the window – a great bonus!

Our last night at the bach
the wind comes up – a mighty nor-wester –
which if you know canterbury winds, you will know!

It gathers strength and warmth as it comes down the southern alps and across the canterbury plains. For any geographers out there is it a classic fohn-effect wind.

And it arrived.

Strongly, noisily.

Steve and I were reading, the kids were asleep.

I looked out at the (cracked) window which we were reflected in, and noticed that our image in the window was moving in a slightly alarming manner – the window was moving in the wind. More specifically, half of the window was moving, the other half was more stationery.


I tend to be more cautious about such things,
so when Steve said, “Do you think we should put the shed back?”
I was up and out quick as a flash.

So we humped the shed back into place.

And opened the door.


We tried to open the door.

Snibbed shut.
Locked out.
Us out, kids in.

No key out
Kids sleeping in.

Checked the windows
All tightly closed.

Started banging on the girls window.
Calling (above the noise of the wind)

Eventually Shannon woke up.

“Come to the window. It’s Mum”
Calls I, in my best “This is NOT a dream voice”.

She appears
bemused, sleep-fuddled

Me – you need to open the door
We’re locked out

Shannon – Nod, drops curtain, disappears

Me – moves to next window, hoping to see Sh coming through


Flashback to Christmas Eve when my sister and I woke the girls for the 11pm service. Got Shannon out of bed. Let her go for a moment and she climbed back up the ladder to her top bunk and snuggled back under the covers…

No, no, no!

Me – more urgently, Shannon you need to let us in, open the front door (Actually the only door, but not a time to worry about specifics)

And she appeared. Our wee saving-angel.

Letting us in, saving us from a night outside
– in the upside down shed! –

And she stayed up with us for a little while, reading on the sofa,
looking at the view of the shed.

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January 17, 2005

Home again

Have had a great week’s break.

Sports sandle – suntan striped feet mean kayaking was a happening thing.

Huge pile of books to return to the library means reading got done.

4 loads of washing means relaxing

Happy kids had a great time.

Happy adults had a great time.

The raspberries were great
the relaxing was great
the company was great
the kayaking was great
the view was great – especially the we-can-see-the-mountains days
the wandering was great
the bird-life was very cool – black swans, swallows and a flock/family/colony of cute sparrows in the bach next door.

And now we’re home again
and Steve is cooking a delicious meal from our garden veges…


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January 07, 2005

I’m watching this space

My hands resemble a paint chart.
I am a very messy painter!
Two colours used today, blue bedroom, buttery-creamy lounge.

The bach has been de-(insert previous owners name)-ed.
It is clean
It is (mostly) freshly painted
and the predominant aroma is that of paint.


Having evicted (insert previous owners name)…
(I had to speak firmly – nah, crossly – to him)
…we have now also successfully eradicated all (insert previous owners name)-isms/ites left behind (no mean feat!)

Tomorrow is moving-in-day.

A car to borrow
A trailer to hire.
Stuff to pick up from home, my parents, my sisters.

Then nothing to do but relax, read, walk, kayak, play games…

This is our view from our bedroom window….

I’ll be watching that space!
bedroom view.JPG

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January 04, 2005

May I please have your autograph?

A phrase I was VERY tempted to use yesterday at the cricket in Timaru.

No, not with the players on the field,
but rather with the boy who sat in front of us with his Grandad.

Listening to the radio coverage,
recording the score (and all the action) on his hard-to-fathom score pad.
Keeping me up to date on what was happening around the park
(“There’s Gavin Larsen!”, “Yay, it’s Wizzer – go Wizzer go” – sadly he did go – out!))
And generally totally engaged with the game.

If keenness is all that is required,
he’s sure to be in the Canterbury Wizards team in 2014-15!

I was tempted to ask him for his autograph … just in case!

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