March 30, 2005

Can the tooth fairy get to the Selwyn Huts?

It would seem the answer is no.

My baby,
my tiny wee Kayli Anne,
who somehow started school this year,
has been telling me for a few weeks that she has a wiggly tooth.

“Yeah, right”
was my internal response.

She is just 5, too small.

So on Saturday I finally look and Yes, she really does have a VERY wiggly tooth.

And then, after church Sunday, we head out to the bach.

And I begin thinking anxious thoughts about tooth fairies.
And spare change.

Sure enough,
Monday night
Kayli returns from cleaning teeth,
clutching tooth, saying,
“so whose tooth is this then, huh, ha, huh?”

Tooth is duly placed in glass of water.

Children spoken to about possible difficulty for tooth fairy
in finding us at the bach.

Adult grovel through wallet:
15c or $20 note all that could be found – too stingy, too generous!

Morning comes.
Tooth still in glass of water.
Children robust.

Tooth placed in tissue, carefully labelled “tooth”.

Home again, home again.

Take glass of water to kayli, plus tissue carefully labelled “tooth”.

She opens tissue to put the tooth in the water,
and there were two 50c pieces!


The tooth fairy must have been waiting at home for us!

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March 20, 2005


Had a great time away on retreat.

Spent the morning collaging –
here’s what i did…


I said to the facilitator afterwards that
I hadn’t wanted to go “prescriptively”
with “outcomes” in mind…
but that if I had of,
then all my outcomes would have been met.

Very neat sense of God speaking through the making
and doing
and patterns
and colour.

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March 15, 2005

… bring scissors and glue stick

I’m off on my retreat.

I need to take scissors and glue stick.

Sounds like fun!

I have opted to buy scissors in Auckland
so I can take all my luggage as hand luggage
and make a speedy exit off plane
and into shuttle
to Dressmart
for bargain shopping

(no, that’s not part of the retreat,
just an added bonus)

Where we lived in Auckland,
Dressmart was my local shops
– i literally walked past on the way to shannons school –

I haven’t been in over a year
and am suffering withdrawal symptoms!

(If I act true to form I prob won’t actually BUY anything
but the looking is fun!!

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March 11, 2005


My husband is sending me to Auckland
for a spiritual retreat.

An opportunity for me to stop

Life changed for me this year
when kayli anne started school.

i have more discretionary time

I have opportunity to think about what I want to do
in this next season of my life.

so lovely steve has booked me airfares and a retreat
(including shopping and friends time in auckland!)

(Jan Mc is organising coffee in auckland on tuesday night for the girls…
do ya wanna come?)

I feel cherished

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March 10, 2005

Poor little lost sheepie!

Just pulled my washing out of the machine
front loading machine
strange clicking sound.

Found one poor little lost sheep.

I have rescued it and put it on my printer.

How did you get in the machine,
you poor thing?

Looks none the worse for wear-
tho it seems to be refusing to look at me.
Hmm even when I turn it around it still won’t look at me.
(I think it might be a little cross!)

It reminds me I have a phone call to make
to my own (possibly) “lost sheep”

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Hopeful weather

I walked out the door today
and felt hope.

A nor-west arch stretched over the Alps
means it is likely to turn into a lovely day.

Warmth in the air
seems like more of a treat
in this moving-into-autumn time
when it is darker in the mornings
and chillier at night.

I shall throw open the doors and enjoy!

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March 09, 2005


… 175 letters to Christchurch churches
advertising An Easter Journey.
Holy Week 2005
low res pic.jpg

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March 08, 2005

Living in Samaria

Sunday night I inherited the preaching task from Steve.

He’d preached in the morning
on the road to Jeruasalem,
(Luke 9:52-56)
and in Digestion-manner
the evenings task was to go deeper
and apply the text to the everyday.

It seemed appropriate to set the “Samaria” bit in context.

So I retold the story of the Good Samaritan


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March 04, 2005

Deep peace

I am listening to Deep Peace
(Late Late Service 5).

I have been praying deep peace
into some lives over the past couple of weeks.

Because when there are no easy answers
and sometimes no answer at all
all that seems to be possible
(alongside the “action” prayers for healing and restoration)
is to ask for is peace.

Deep peace.

And the sustenance and hope that often accompany.

So to those who need:
Deep peace.
Deep peace.

May it be yours.

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More on greengages

Someone I know
Someone I know very well
Someone who was present in my family when I was born

OK, my sister,

once submitted a story to a children’s book publisher

about a mother

who told her children
that plums weren’t ripe
until they turned red.

So sister and brother watched daily
as plums grew
and grew
and stayed green.
And then began to disappear

The last scene of the story had mother
legs swinging from tree branch
juice running down chin

…happily gobbling the last of the greengages.

The publisher rejected the story –
because no-ones mother would REALLY do that

wouldn’t they??????

(well, maybe not the swinging from the tree bit…)

PS Our greengages
are readily accessible to all family members
in the fruit basket in the lounge

Honestly they are!

(I must go have another one now)

PPS That story is copyright – no nicking it – I think you should try again, J!

PPPS Tried to feed Shannon a greengage yesterday.
She looked at it very suspiciously,
Said, “No thanks” several times.
Wouldn’t eat it
Said, “I have said I don’t want one thank you” tersely
and I left it at that flashing forward to teenage years and thinking, “well yes, it is good that she can’t be pursuaded having decided she doesn’t want one”!

(I popped one in her lunch box tho!)

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