April 30, 2005


It is warm today.
I awoke to a warm room
in a warm house.

Over the past 10 days we have moved from an Indian summer
to mid-winter sleet, hail and frost
and now seem to have returned to a delicious NW system
(that means warm and dry, with gorgeous skies).

I keep looking to check I haven’t left a heater on.

I like weather.

I loved Saturday night’s hail and thunder storm
(even if it did damage my roof)
I love the warmth of sunshine on my back.
I enjoy listening to the rain on the roof
(I even enjoy getting wet in it –
especially when i know warmth and dryness isn’t far away).

Weather is good.
But today,
warm is very good.

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April 29, 2005


Charlie popped in today.
He lived in our (purple) house 20-something years ago
and was able to tell me about how it was when he was there.

I discovered the log burner that was permitted 12 years ago
was installed 24 years ago,
thus moving the replacing of it up the priority list!

The decorated archway in the hallway,
(with purple faces)
is original.

The kauri floorboards beneath the carpet
are polished and delicious.

Under the paint at the front veranda is stained glass
(I thought it was glass, and was appropriately careful
when chucking wood around the other (several!) days).

I like the fact that my house has a history
that includes other young couples making a home for their families.

My sister is reading a book about a house at the moment.
In London.
A history of people who lived there.

An interesting project!

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April 28, 2005

The hills are alive…

One of our Steve-away rituals
is kfc for dinner one night
(yeah I know, GE ingrediented, msg slathered stuff…)

Tuesday night was the night
The Sound of Music to watch
(and sing along to!).

The best bit?
possibly when we got about halfway into the video
(a new recording we hadn’t watched before)
and it was apparent that intermisison was coming –
big music, clever fading and all that sort of thing.

And then the sign…
across the screen.

I had to refrain myself from racing out to buy icecreams.
(Tho where I could have gotten choc dipped,
single scoop,
flat bottom cones I am not sure)

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April 27, 2005

She loves me

Kayli posted this in our letterbox a week or so ago.
(It’s a cherry tomato)

She is so lovely.

Kayli tomato 1.JPGkayli tomato 2.JPG

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April 26, 2005

holey conservatory

We had the most amazing storm
on Saturday night…
Hail and awesome thunder and lightning.

So good I grabbed the video camera and started shooting
from inside the conservatory while the hail bombed our roof.

It sounded like someone was tipping gravel out of a bucket above us.

I realised something was amiss when I felt hail on my left
– well inside the conservatory arm –

Just a wee few holes!
Taped up now by a kind Aaron,
and waiting for the Insurance assessor
who is somehow fairly busy in Christchurch just at the moment!

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April 22, 2005


is the number of lollies I guessed there to be
in the container.

There were 345,
making me the winner!

There are no longer 345!

Waltham Youth Trust holiday programme community dinner last night
Nice to see some familiar faces-
kids from Waltham School who made diaramas with me before Christmas:
(“Was it fun? Should we do it again?”
Plus a boy who was at our table last time
who went to my old school.

And some new friends too.

It is a good thing they do.
ANd nice to eat together.

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April 17, 2005

Hanging up my mouse (or time for that cup of tea)

You know those days
when you boil the jug
go back to work
and then boil it again
and then go back to work
and then boil it again?

My jug is probably about cold again now
but i am hanging up my mouse
logging off
shutting down
and am off to drink
three glasses of water
and one cup of tea
(and maybe, just maybe a little butterscotch schnapps
-yep, P&D there is still some left!-)

I’m outta here!

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Dusted off…

I (literally) dusted off this piece for church today.
LIfe to the full black.JPG

I produced it
(with great nerves and humility)
for Graceway’s first Christmas art exhibition,
because Jesus’ coming as a baby
means life to the full for me.

I selected photos that represented
life to the full
for me at that time
– wedding, baptism, shannon’s birth, friends, family, mission trip, deep spiritual growth times –
and had photos copied.
Then painted a sheet of transperency black
and etched back the words of the verse:
“He came that I may have life
and have it to the full”

So through the blackness that symbolises my humanity
the words of Jesus allow the life to the full to be seen.

(Under pics follow if you wanna see)


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April 15, 2005


Someone was just nice to me.

I received a lovely email from a friend
who spied me at school this morning
thought I was looking good
and told me so.

How lovely.

So often I think things
– appreciation for people, compliments, thoughts –
and the moment passes.

Here’s to making the effort and speaking/emailing out!

Make your day
Make their day!

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Today I have…

This morning I have…
surfed around the theme of tithing, generosity, giving
for resources to go out to our NZ Baptist churches later in the year.

In in-between moments
I have printed off survey forms and other documents
that will contribute towards a submisison
to the Tertiary Education Commission
on behalf of many of the Christian Training Colleges in NZ.

Next I will
type in offering prayers I am writing

offering prayers that offer
our money
our time
our gifts
to God.
(also resources to go out to baptist churches)

Then I will go to school
watch Kayli Anne and Shannon run
in their cross country races,
and take them out for my traditional
“term’s end” coffee/fluffy.
(This is Kayli’s first such event –
school finishes early on the last day of term,
so Shannon and I used to have coffee/fluffy together
before picking up Kayli from kindy,
but now she’s a big school girl too)

And then there’s party planning
for Shannon’s birthday party/ies.
(For some reason she seems to be having three this year).

Just as well I am not stressed.
Purple house?
Inner peace and contentment?
The love of God, family and friends?
All of the above!

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