May 29, 2005


Just found this very pratical site
with all sorts of useful stuff
around environment and God.

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May 28, 2005

A Joyful surprise

(Had to call it that –
Surprised by Joy has already been done)

We arrive at the marae
and this guy comes over and says hi to Steve.
Dave met Steve in 1986, when they were both picking apples
as part of the Apples outreach in Nelson.


Wednesday I sit down after leading worship
(and cleaning up after myself)
and notice Dave has been joined by a wife and daughter.


Wife walks out.
My mouth opens.
I know her.
i think it’s her.
I’m sure it is.
It is my old friend, Joy.

Break time
I wander out
find Joy
say hi, big hug.
How neat to see her.

Joy and I met in December 1985
whilst cycling around Nelson and Golden Bay
on an ISCF camp.

She is one of the world’s treasures.
She, Jo and I got to know each other then
(actually I think she and Jo were already friends)
and we spent lots of time together
biking places
being friends.

I remember Joy as one full of goodness… and well, joy.
She was always gentle, always kind, always caring.

I think she shifted up to Wellington to study
and we lost contact once we left school.
I bumped into her somewhere…
maybe even back in Roxburgh
but haven’t seen her for …. years.

It was SOOOOO nice to see her again.
And she hasn’t changed.
Still as lovely as ever.

And when we talked further about spirituality and stuff
there was a resonance and sense of agreement
that isn’t always there with old friends.

Do you know what I mean?
Sometimes you meet up with someone again
after many years
and you seem like you are now worlds apart
in terms of priorities and perspectives.
that’s not how it was with Joy.

But wait,
there’s more.

Joy came to a workshop I was doing,
on Shaping Connective Worship.

We started talking about PowerPoint
and I pulled out the one I used last Sunday
about the Nor-west Festival.

Joy is looking at it oddly.

“What church do you go to?”, she asks.

“Opawa Baptist”, I reply.

“My brother goes there. He was telling me about this, the kites and the Spirit”.

I think my mouth opened again, “Who?”

and it is Peter. Peter E.
Of course, Peter.
Peter who has that same lovely essential goodness.

My world has shrunk again
in a lovely embracing way.

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May 27, 2005

A useful thing to know

So I am typing away,
and want to say that something
“May be a useful starting point”.

And that is what I say in my head.
And I start to type,
and I see a useful
and know it must be an useful
cos that is the rule
except when i type an useful,
it looks silly
and MS Word helpfully tells me it is wrong…
a useful is correct
of course it is!

But why?
Tell me please!

(Kelli are you there??)

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Fragile… that “post” feeling

Just pulled the Fragile tag off our backpack
and hung it around my wrist
in an acknowledgement that I am feeling fragile.

Often the way, coming back from involvement in stuff
(monday – thursday in wellington at Praxis’ emerging church hui)
Good time
appreciated meeting people
a little inputting

but come home
to a major work deadline
and a sense of fragility, and slight overwhelmingness.

no matter
weekend away next weekend (YAY)

and I have the coolest story to tell
p’haps when i meet my deadline…

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May 22, 2005

Nor-west festival

Photos of the NorWest Festival here.

It was a great week.
I am shattered.

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Spirit as fire

From Thursday nights seminar:
Things to doL Spirit as Fire
Enjoy the warmth of the fire.
Imagine accepting the love of God,
just as you accept the warmth of the fire.

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May 20, 2005

A preserving jar of soup and a take-out coffee

Mum phoned today to ask me to check her email.
Their computer is off being serviced.

So I waded through 285 msgs on their account
(they were away for 2 weeks)
deleted probably 250 that we spam
and found four that I thought they may want sooner rather than later.

Sure enough, one contained content she drove over to collect.

She arrived bearing a preserving jar of soup
which has helped my busyness
and will contribute to feeding us
at our fast-paced
pre Derek Lind concert dinner.

Thanks Mum!

And the cappuccino?
Had that at church this afternoon
after Steve called to say
“Come on down and have coffee”
with the on-trial coffee machine

Still feeling internally stressed
but grinning at my loved by God-, loved by Steve-, loved by Mum-ness

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Drinking from a preserving jar

A l o n g time ago
I worked summer holidays
on the orchards in Roxburgh, Central Otago.

Working alongside me,
for a couple of seasons,
where Dan and Mati from Samoa.

They were dreaming of going to Brazil
to work with the street kids
but that is a story for another day!

lunch time would come around
we would make our cups of tea.

Dan and Mati would make theirs in BIG preserving jars.
they needed BIG drinks…
thirsty lads.

This is a busy season for me.
Five “upfront” involvements in 7 days.
Plus usual paid work (with major deadlines).
And the other usual stuff of being a mother, wife, partner, pastor’s wife.

Tired, I am.

Last night I talked about images of the Spirit
and how we can engage with the Spirit
when we come across everyday elements.
They can serve to remind us of God’s Spirit.

An example was
when you drink a glass of water
to acknowledge your need for God’s living water.

I am drinking my water from a preserving jar.
Desperate for living water.

(Although a giant cappuccino would be great too!)

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May 18, 2005

I am giving thee

I am giving thee worship with my whole life,
I am giving thee assent with my whole power,
I am giving thee praise with my whole tongue,
I am giving thee honor with my whole utterance,
I am giving thee reverence with my whole understanding,
I am giving thee offering with my whole thought,
I am giving thee praise with my whole fervor,
I am giving thee humility in the blood of the lamb,
I am giving thee love with my whole devotion,
I am giving thee kneeling with my whole desire,
I am giving thee love with my whole heart,
I am giving thee affection with my whole sense,
I am giving thee my existence with my whole mind,
I am giving thee my soul, O God of all gods.
(Early Scottish Prayer)

(from here, from The Complete Book of Christian Prayer, 48)

(that pretty much covers it!)

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May 17, 2005

And Jo has joined the blog community

Jo can be found here
(eating chocolate?

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