July 29, 2005

Note to self #1

Must buy sticking plasters.

Hi 5 ones are more suited to small children
than grown ups.

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July 28, 2005

Shannon, on Campbell Live

I am not sure it is the primary demographic they are after
(ha, just realised that is a pun)
but Campbell Live has certainly captured the interest of our eight year old.

Shannon is enraptured by it,
offering her various opinions
and complaining bitterly
(well bitterly for Shannon, which isn’t really very bitterly)
when she is told it is bath time.

After a moment of complaining, the negotiations begin.
“OK. I will have a quick bath now, but please tell me as soon as the XXX comes on so I can get out and hear it.”
“OK. I will have a bath now, but you need to tell me what he says about XXX”.

This morning, walking to school
she asked about the conclusions of the diesel/petrol debate.

I told her:
diesel = more economic in terms of how much it costs to run a car.
diesel = worse for personal health due to carcenogenic particulates
diesel = better for the environment cos petrol produces more carbon dioxide.

“Carbon dioxide is what trees use, isn’t it?” she asks
“Yes. But there aren’t enough trees to turn the carbon dioxide into oxygen because the roads are mainly in the cities”.
“Do all plants do that?” lips pursed for a goodbye kiss.
“Yes” says I.
“Great. Then we will plant flowers”. and off she runs to class.

She is hooked
She is thinking about our world and how she can make a difference.

Steve and I are happy Campbell Live watchers too.
I like the underlying humour and humanity and honesty
I like the (almost) blushes as John Campbell wonders if music videos are too sexy for him (let alone our kids)
I like the fact that when he says, “With respect” you suspect he may actually mean it.

Tis good.

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July 27, 2005

Deb’s boys

Read, be inspired.

And send a blessing the way of Debbie and her boys.

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July 26, 2005

I called my last entry “Off”

I called my last entry “Off”

I could have added updates,

Not Off (we didn’t make it away)

Wheel Off (when it became apparent that the alternator AS WELL as the battery was stuffed).

Wheel Still Off.

Roof Off (yes, seriously – but a planned off – the conservatory roof – hail damaged – was replaced last thursday)

Wheel Still Off.

We’re Off – into town again, on the bus again.

Despite the unplanned nature of some of it, we had a great holiday.
Lovely to have time with friends, family, each other.

I visited the art gallery three times, three tram trips, one museum visit, hanmer springs (including snow), three car breakdowns, two trips to the bach, dux de lux *2, several sudoku, books, etc.,

Felt like a tourist in my own city, making use of public transport and enjoying what was on offer…

our conservatory is a zillion times warmer now double skinned! YAY!

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July 20, 2005


How many sudoku do we need to take away with us?

(Now that Steve is hooked too, thanks to Jan Mc.)

When we go here
to this grey murky relaxed beautiful spot?


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July 08, 2005

a nice prayer

One of the privileges of my job
is writiing a fundraising letter every four months
each featuring two of our “newer” Baptist churches.
Churches that receive (a little) funding from the Baptist Union
towards their pastor’s stipends.

Today I am writing about a church in the Wellington region.
The pastor ended his letter to me with the words,
The greatest prayer request of all
is that we have the wisdom and love
to embrace the prodigal as well as the lost
with the full grace of Jesus.

A good prayer for the Lighthouse church
and for us all.

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It is sad.
Thanks to Paul’s txt last night,
we watched some of the images unfold
and I felt sad, helpless, hopeless, angry.

What can we do?
What can we do but pray?
Prayers for peace, justice, mercy and hope for the world which God loves.

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July 06, 2005

Too much to say…

Too much to post about
No time to blog.

Wasn’t Live8 great?
Pink Floyd were amazing – is it too late to become a fan?

Doesn’t Apple like her Dad’s music? I do!

How come so many people looked just the same as they did 20 years ago? I don’t.

And what will happen as a result?

Movie of the week

Question; would it have been less scary if there weren’t strnage bangings from our hallway throughout (followed by loud bang and lights out as the movie ended)
Watch/discuss it here, Saturday 6pm session.

80s night on friday night.
fun, footloose, beige and safety pins.

I wore denim on denim, lycra and fluffy wool.
Hmmmm guess you had to be there.

Anyway, enough already.
Gotta go.
making discoveries about Chinese in Riccarton…

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