August 30, 2005

The fifth tuesday

Today is the fifth Tuesday of the month
so we followed our Usual Fifth Tuesday Rhythm at Espresso.

(Actually it is our first every fifth tuesday
so it is a very new rhythm!)

Anne talked about her job,
and we reflected on it in terms of
God as creator, sustainer and redeemer.
(I will leave Steve to blog more about this)

And then I introduced a saint
in this case the patron saint of biotechnology
(as Anne is a scientist working in the biotech industry).

Actually he is the patron saint of ecology
but that was the closest I could get!

St Francis of Assisi
(sorry, link-followers, annoying music).

I talked a little about his life and ministry
(more on that on Sunday morning, I think)
and ended with the challenge to be peace-makers.

Some good tips on how to do so here. Little, achievable things.

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August 25, 2005

Splashes of colour

It is a gorgeous time of year.

Whereever I go I get to enjoy seeing
splashes of colour…
plum blossom out the girls window
camellia from the lounge,
polys, poppies on the walk to school
violets on the way home.

Shrubs coated in tiny flowers
in every shade of pink, purple and white.
Daffodil, crocus, irus, snowdrop.

Brown branches bursting blossoms.
To be noticed, enjoyed.
To lift one’s spirit.
And a Creator to be thanked.

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August 24, 2005

The Roxx

Went rock climbing last night at The Roxx
as Espresso (and here), following our fourth Tuesday social rhythm.

I got 2/3 up my first climb
(my first climb ever)
and realised I could stop and have a wee cry(!)
or carry cheerfully on to the top.

I opted for up to the top
and the others wisely sent me straight back up
on my arrival at the bottom.

Next climb (diff one)
I got stuck again
was about to bail
and was encouraged by J telling me where I could place my feet,
S telling me to reach just a little further.
And so I made it to the top
(and got to come down again – I like that coming down bit!)

It was a great night.

And there are loads of parallels to life in general:
the times when we are so caught up in the moment
that we cannot see a way forward.
Relying on others to light the way
To give strength from a distance.
To instill hope and determination.

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August 18, 2005

Puddle… laundry floor

need i say more?

Should be laundwet floor.
I need a new category for my blog, called Washing Machine,
where I can put all my entries re the blighter.

Like this one, the first, a happy one.

And then a series of happy,
sad, happy (optimistic methinks) .

And now today.

I think this may be one of the worst things
about being a grown up…
(clearly I lead a very charmed life if this is the worst)
…making decisions about Large Appliances.

Will call my friend at Appliance Works.

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August 17, 2005


I have just coined
as an introverts LOL.

I rarely LOL online,
but I often LIS (Laugh InSide)

So how about it?

An introverts LOL
suitable for people like me
who would be lying to say they are laughing out loud
but are certainly enjoying a quiet internal chuckle.

Wha’d’ya reckon?

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I guess it is good really…

I guess it is good,
a compliment, even,
that the fish and chip shop person
didn’t offer ME a free drink.

It was a slow day in the fast-food lane.

The reason I phoned through my order at 5.40
was that the girls needed to be out at 6pm.

I had been home for a total of 5 minutes all afternoon
(that was the time it took to dump the grocery shopping on the floor
put some stuff in the fridge
grab lunch for Steve and I and be out the door).

I opted for fast food for dinner
cos i mistakenly believed it would be faster
than cooking myself.

So by the time it got to 6.10pm and it still wasn’t cooked
I was less-than-pleased.

But, unlike the man served just before me,
I clearly didn’t look cross and grumpy enough
to warrant being given a pacifying freebie.

And that is good.

Isn’t it?


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August 12, 2005

Banned no longer

For the last long while
(no idea how long, but think several months)
someone I email quite frequently hasn’t been getting my emails.

This is a problem, especially when they are important emails!
However it was less of a problem once we realised there WAS a problem!

Today she said that she got the emails I had sent last night
but that they had all appeared in her deleted folder
(that’s the deleted folder which is set to automatically empty every time she closes the programme)

I had a moment to have a look,
and I am happy to report
that I am no longer in her banned senders box
and now the emails are flowing to and fro very nicely!

No idea how I ended up there
but I came home and checked mine
to make sure no-one who ought not to be was in there!
Twas OK.
Don’t cha love modern technology!

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Amy on success

Amy’s idea of a successful person is someone who:

Loves God and has a solid deep relationship with him
Has good healthy relationships with their family & friends
Has a good balance in their life
Is fulfilled & enjoys whatever they do – using their gifts & talents aligned with their passion
Is content with who they are
Follows their dreams – sets goals & achieves them
Is good to people
Is always growing

Sounds like a good thing to aim for in life!

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Consistently puddle-free

Another beautiful day.
And my washing machine has stopped making puddles.
(All by itself, no additional help from The Washing Machine Man)

That is GOOD.

Long may it last.

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August 11, 2005

“Directory 24”

So says my latest MS Word doc.
I am beating the Opawa database into submission.

Winning, finally.

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