October 28, 2005


Yesterday and today have felt like the
beginning of summer!

Hot, dry air
Basking in sunshine.

Washing dry in no time

I like the change of seasons
and everytme the seasons change i wonder
if i like this change the best

but no
all good
i think the creator did a good job!

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October 26, 2005


A colleague has just thanked me for some work I sent,
with a two-line email
“Thanks Lynne
You’re amazing!”

I feel absuredly pleased.

Pleased that someone has acknowledged my work,
that a busy someone took a minute, possibly two
to thank me.

So easy to do.
Easier to neglect.
And yet warm-fuzzy making.

I was thinking along similar lines earlier today
about how nice it is to be amongst people who encourage
who affirm.

May we be people who use the brief moments required
to bless others.

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Spring pic from Jo…

of her lovely Beky:
Beky Rhodo.JPG

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October 20, 2005

Yeah, right

It WAS working, honest.
Now Steve’s number seems to have been disconnected.
Don’t cha love technology!

I am becoming friendly with a variety of Telecom staff.

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A technological breakthrough (?!!)

We have finally bought a new cell phone
to replace the one that the keys don’t all(ways) work on.

So nice new phone for Steve (with his old number)
and old phone for me with new number.

Several calls to Telecom
and getting the phone to do clever things it is not usually required to do
have finallly got it sorted.

Yesterday, two cell phones, neither of which was working
Today, both working.


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October 19, 2005


Just found this pic in my digi camera
Remembering a gorgeous day in the gardens…

1 Blossom.jpg

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October 16, 2005

Doctor, doctor

I was interested to read in Saturday’s Press
of the Catholic doctor in Nelson who has told his patients he will no longer prescribe contraceptives because of his faith.

I think it is great…
Good on Doctor Hassan, for lining up his practise/practice(!) with his beliefs.
(Also full marks to him for writing and telling his patients… good process!)

Full article here

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October 14, 2005

Off to da rugby

Semi final of the npc tonight
otago vs canterbury
Haven’t gotten to a game this season,
so when brother-in-law phoned
and said he was coming over from the coast
it seemed like a good opportunity!

So the girls and I are off
Steve is in auckland
(S&K were very worried that he would miss out)

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October 13, 2005

on eating… together …

Here is (part of) the quote Sarah ended with on Tuesday night:

To be sure, Christians should critique both the dieting industry and the fast-food industry. And surely Christians are called to neither gluttony nor Gnosticism.

But we can do more than critique. We can also model something radically different—a relationship to food driven by Christian notions of joy and peace—and non-compulsiveness.

We can model homes and communities where people leave work in time to cook dinner, making time even to cook with our children. We can seek to eat food grown in our local communities, sending our food dollars not to conglomerates but to a farmer a few miles away. We can resist the social pressure to enroll our kids in 17 different after-school activities so that family and friends can gather around the dinner table together. We can remember that eating a meal together sits at the heart of Christian communal life—and is the very image of the kingdom of heaven (Isa. 25:6).

I like it.

Link to whole article http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2005/009/33.103.html

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October 12, 2005

… by God

Last nights espresso question was around body image/exercise/health.

A very good discussion.
Sarah ended the discussion with a great quote I will try to source…

I did the “ending”
read psalm 139 and gave people a word
– one of loved, cherished, created, redeemed, sustained –
for them to reflect on:
what does it mean for you to be _______ by God
as we listened to Cold Play (track 4 and 13 off X&Y)

Prayer for a couple who needed it

And then we got to take all the words home.
A nice, gentle, peaceful time.

2005 oct 11 ending.jpg

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