November 30, 2005

Mystery dinner

I have finally gotten around to getting our fridge-freezer repaired.

So tonight we have mystery dinner.

The loan fridge has a (much!) smaller freezer section,
so it was obvious that everything would not fit into it.

An assortment of left-overs is becoming what I suspect may turn out to be vegetarian nachos.

Steve’s lunch for tomorrow is defrosting, as are peaches for breakfast.

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November 24, 2005

Feeling pleased with myself!

Just did this

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November 23, 2005

My heart started racing…

The adrenaline is ebbing
my heart rate subsiding.

I have discovered what the pic on steve’s phone mean.
It is on vibrate.

So when the phone calls to me from the kitchen bench
(where it was abandoned this morning)
It not only cries,
“You have new message” (americanish accent, broken english)
but also vibrates (and writhes) (thus echoing its way into my consciousness).

The pic means it is on vibrate
being on vibrate means
it makes scarey noises when on a hard surface.

Shall i put it in my pocket?
At the end of the house?
Or leave it here in roulettish manner?

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November 22, 2005

An altar

Sunday marked the end of the church year.

At Opawa we took it as an opportunity to pause, look back, and thank God.

As part of our worship,
people were invited to write their thanks for God’s faithfulness on (A3 length, coloured) strips of paper printed with Opawa Baptist Church … glad of the faithfulness of God.

As we sang some songs of worship to God, people came up and laid these on the altar, as a tesimony to God’s goodness over many (95) years as a church, with special reference to the bold changes the church embarked on four years ago.

It was a wonderful moment, seeing old faces and new faces stream up to place their ribbon on our altar.

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November 08, 2005

Martha being Mary

(from a worship service at to me via a friend (not MP) in Melbourne…)

We need people who search for truth,
And we need people to proclaim it.
We need people who quietly contemplate God’s love,
And we need people to express it.
We need people who devote themselves to prayer,
And we need people to enact those prayers.

We need both Mary and Martha.
At times every Martha must become Mary,
And every Mary must become Martha.

I am most often an enacter… i worship in my doing … in my helping others worship/connect with God.

Nice to be reminded of the validity of that
and of the challenge to also contemplate and adore.

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November 04, 2005

I’ve been thinking…

…thinking about living life to the full
and the “9-5” component of that.

I count myself very fortunate to have job I love.

That I enjoy working (mostly!)
and find satisfaction and fulfillment in my work.

I know that is not the case for everyone.
But I also know that I didn’t just “fall” into that,
I planned and dreamed and worked my way into it.

And I have been thinking about some of the people I know
who are wondering what they should do
and who they will become.

Came across an ad for this a while back
(and found it again via a spot of mild cyber-sleuthing!)
And wonder if it would be helpful as a starting point for some…

An opportunity to look at a variety of areas of life
and grow in confidence and knowledge and dreams…

… maybe!
… perhaps with the support of an Opawa growth coach…

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November 02, 2005

Eating socks and shorts

I am well-used to a washing machine that eats socks.
That is just a standard reality of modern life.

However I am less used to a washing machine
that eats shorts
(rather Bart-ian, i suspect).

Yesterday I bought
4 pairs of bike shorts for 2 girls to wear under their uniforms.

they swear they only have one/two pairs
despite used to having five/six pairs.

(Confusious say
“You will not find dirty bike shorts in pile under bed
until you have bought four new pair”)

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