January 31, 2006

Great is your faithfulness

A prayer I wrote for Sunday
(prayed after opening song, Great is your faithfulness

In the light and in the darkness
We are glad of your faithfulness
In the sunshine and in the rain
We believe in your faithfulness
In happiness and in sadness
In health and in sickness
We trust in your faithfulness
In hope and in despair
In joy and in pain
We are glad of your faithfulness
Yesterday, today and for always
Great is your faithfulness

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January 24, 2006

Holiday highlights

I have had a great summer break.

Some highlights include
attending the wedding of a very special friend and her totally lovely husband (photos on Lorraine’s site here, and catching up with Graceway people there
meeting my lovely new niece (Talia Rose) in the same Auckland trip (and time with G&P, O&E)
lots of relaxing and reading at the bach
cricket (nz vs sri lanka)
a week camping at peel forest with my parents, sisters and niece and nephew (and best when Steve arrived too).
watching shannon’s delight walking through the bush at Peel Forest as we encountered riflemen (nzs smallest birds) and loads of cheeky fantails
(lovely to have her so enjoy a place i so enjoyed all through my childhood.)

And now I am back home, easing back into work. 2.5 weeks before the girls start school, so time with them still to be enjoyed.

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January 02, 2006

happy new year

from hot hot hot christchurch!

having a lovely holiday
have a new niece
reading, relaxing…


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