February 23, 2006

Parlez vous Français?

Just copied something off a (nz) website into an email i an sending someone, and noticed that all my spelling was flagged as incorrect (underlined mispelled words..)

A closer look, squinting, glasses on, assured me that they looked correct. A right click suggested i may have meant to write all sorts of words i have never seen before.

Further checking indicates the language is set to French.

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Today’s output

I completed this for a church today.

Based on a “parish”, it looks comparatively at the census data from 1996 and 2001, giving a understanding of what changes are happening in your area.

Available as a free service to New Zealand Baptist churches,
other groups may purchase at $75.

contact me by commenting here or email lynne at baptist dot org dot nz

50 kb sample: Download file

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Three questions

Came across these three questions yesterday.

When you speak, think first:
Is it true?
Is it kind?
Is it necessary?

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February 14, 2006

Five on a Treasure Island

Shannon was home from school yesterday and had run out of library books. (A disastorous state of affairs for a Shannon). I popped into the library to pick up a wee stash for her.

Brought them home and handed them over:
Little House on the Prairie (we watched the mini-series over the weekend)
A picture book on sustainable development
Horrible Histories: York
Ramona the something or other
Saddle Club (cos you should at least try it, Shannon. – she pulled a face)
Five on a treasure island.

Shannon grabbed York with great enthusiasm and after a look through our own York photos, she settled down to read it, and I (after an abortive attempt at the books I had chosen for myself) started on Five on a treasure island.

After a hard weekend, the escapism was lovely! I remember reading (devouring) the Famous 5 as a child of about Shannon’s size.

I didn’t remember (in fact probably didn’t even notice) the sexism! Not just in Anne’s character and the jibes at “girls”, but also in Aunt Fanny’s dependence on her husband’s ruling in all matters financial. And then the ending, yikes! Uncle Quintin transformed to happy because they were suddenly rich and able to provide his family with all Good Things. Blimey!

However, reading such books as an eight/nine/ten year old didn’t seem to dramatically effect my development. (Steve didn’t think I was overly submissive when I checked with him!:))

So I happily handed it over to Shannon with my recommendation!

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February 12, 2006

Good… great… bad

Three pieces of health news on Friday.
One good (in a didn’t expect otherwise sort or way)
One great (fab better-than-docs-expect results
from annual check-up for much-loved buddy)
and then one bad, as steve’s dad collapsed
(more here)
and his legs still ain’t working.

Seems I need a little psalm 23 for myself
and those i love.

So with one group i celebrate
and with another i am anxious. uncertain.

Ohhh, and the girls haven’t been well.
One threw up gloriously en route to see grandad on saturday
the other has had day in bed today.

Loved people.

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February 10, 2006

Fish legs and chocolate bones

Tea prep tonight was a rushed affair.
Steve is out
and we made do
with leftovers, egg and fishcakes.

On fishcakes, Shannon (8) wondered whether it was real fish or not.

I said it was probably little bits that they couldn’t use for fillets.
“Like,” I said, as she headed to the kitchen to refill her glass
“fish legs and that sort of thing”.

“oh” she said.
Kayli Anne (6) got it immediately and laughed.
Shannon returned with glass of water and smile on face.
“Usually called fins, Mummy” she grinned.
“No,” I said. “Legs”

We got onto a discussion on fish-leg soup,
which i indicated they were drinking in their water glasses.

Kayli got the giggles, and spluttered,
“(This is so funny)”
Yep she splutted that, then
“And chocolate bones. Yummy”.

And they finished up their drinks
water/fishleg soup/chocolate bones
and shannon shared out the last of her chocolate santa for dessert.

Domestic bliss!

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that is it.
just “ouch”

🙂 (smile to show i am ok really!)

just catching the flack of a missile aimed elsewhere

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February 09, 2006

Psalm 23

The encouragement, the hope, in Psalm 23
is not that life will be sweet,
that we will never encounter trouble,
but rather that God will be with us.
In all our experiences.

It is easy to pray for ourselves
and for those we love
that God will keep us out of dark times.

I suspect we may be better called to pray
that those we love
will know God’s presence and comfort
within the dark patches of their lives.

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February 07, 2006

A happy camper

Last week my parents were travelling
from Christchurch to Auckland (and beyond)
in their camper van.
Off on a six week tour.

The first leg of their journey was to Kaikoura,
on to Picton the next day to catch the ferry to Wellington.

As they pulled into the camping ground in Kaikoura,
their clutch failed.
They had driven the 2+hours from ChCh to Kaikoura
(including a major set of hills),
they were stopping for the night before setting off
on the next couple of hours drive to Picton.

And it was there, as they pulled in, that their clutch failed.
There, at that camping ground, the one in town,
with a service station across the road.

Not 15 minutes earlier on the coast road.
Not 45 minutes earlier in the middle of no-where
going through the Hundalees,
not half an hour further on,
but there, in sight of a garage with friendly mechanic
able to drive the camper over the road (second gear) each morning
and back each night
until it was repaired
and they were on their way again.

I like the timing.

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