April 20, 2006

Because it was us not them!

The station I was involved in helping put together
at An Easter Journey this year
was Station 4,
where Jesus was mocked and beaten.

We used a picture of Abu Ghraib prisoner,
Haj Ali,
one of the prisoners who was photographed being tortured.
Haj Ali, like Jesus Christ, was innocent.
Unlike Jesus he was later released.
Unlike Jesus he is Muslim.

I have heard of some people
who wondered why we used that image,
and not, say, one of a Christian being tortured.


Two reasons.
The image was initially suggested
because it is a common one
that is familiar to news-watchers.
An image of someone being tortured,
that made us recoil and think,
“that should not have happened”.

And I like the choice of the image
because it was “us” who did it.
This was not muslims killing Christians,
or “our” missionaries being tortured by wicked “others”.
This was “us”, westerners
abusing and debasing another human being.

that reminds me of what happened to Jesus.
“We” did it, folks. It was us.
The same crowd who cried, “Hosanna” on the Sunday
were shouting “Crucify him” on the Friday.

Not someone else who we can blame.

So that is why I liked the use of the image.

Because for me, it helps to place me in the story.
Not a story about naughty others mocking Jesus.
But people like me.

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April 10, 2006

Blogging journey

I am blogging over here at the moment…
Easter Journey opens tonight, and is looking great.

Open Mon-Thurs 7-11pm
Fri and Sat 1-11pm

Services @7pm Mon-Thurs
9am and 10.30am Friday (same service repeated)
10.30am Sunday

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April 04, 2006

What would Jesus sign…

This Sunday is Palm Sunday
the day we remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem.

In triumph
In humility

Today, when we celebrate the arrival of celebrities,
many people will have pen and paper in hand
hoping to catch an autograph.

And so i got to wondering…
what would Jesus sign in my autograph book
should I meet him this week on the road to Jerusalem?

Tonight at Espresso I am asking people that question
and giving them time and space .
to write what Jesus could write
on their autograph book (or cricket bat, or tee-shirt).

If people can’t do that for themselves,
others can write words for them.

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