May 30, 2006

My Pegasus watch

I am working with others on ensuring the establishment of a church in the new Pegasus Town, to be built in North Canterbury.

After an early meeting in the cafe of a shopping mall i decided that a watch-less life was ridiculous and went and chose one from a nearby shop.

I find my new watch serves, not only as a time-piece, but also as a reminder to pray micro-prayers for the establishment of a church in this new town.

I like the reminder and i remember to pray.

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May 17, 2006

A prayer for mothers day

I wrote this pastoral prayer for mothers day (last Sunday)

With loving thoughts of, and prayers for, all the women I know, love, respect who inspired it…

God, it is mothersÂ’ day.
And so we think about mothers and we think about children.
We think about others and we think about ourselves.


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May 10, 2006

an autumn prayer

I am leading devotions at our community Craft group tomorrow,
and came across this poem about our current autumn season.

From here

Reproduced below (with one southern hemisphere change):

Prayer for Autumn Days

God of the seasons,
there is a time for everything;


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May 03, 2006

Sitting, thinking

I had a lovely lunch with some old
(less of the “old” thanks!)
friends from school the other day.

I hadn’t seen them for far too long
and it was great to catch up.

It is too easy to spend time feeling guilty
about not seeing lovely friends often enough.
But then when you do get together,
the time past doesn’t actually matter.
It is just good to be together and catch up.

Seems it is also
too easy to spend time feeling guilty
about not spending enough time with God,
when the time-feeling-guilty would be better spent
enjoying God
thanking God for God’s goodness.
Breathing deep.

May I be one who does so.

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