October 26, 2006

sounds logical!

Toi tū te marae o Tangaroa
If the domain of Tangaroa (water) is nurtured and survives
Toi tū te marae o Tāne
And if the domain of Tāne (from the mountains to the sea) is nurtured and survives
Toi tū te Iwi
Then so too will people be taken care of and prosper

(no idea of original source, i found it on pegasus town website)
(and apologies if you have ended up with odd numbers instead of Maori vowels on-screen)

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October 19, 2006

Great place for pics

This site is fab
(probably told y’all already)
can download good pics, search by keyword
and have the NOT GUILTY feeling of knowing they are there to be used, royalty free.

If you sign up (no cost) you can download the high res numbers.


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October 18, 2006

Choosing to live with faith, finding companionship in Jesus

Played The Song at Espresso last night,
gave out the cards,
encouraged people to live like it can be done
in hope for the future
in the strength and compaionship of Jesus
our like-minded-someone…
Blessing cards 16 october 06.jpg

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October 17, 2006

Worshipping, watching kids worshipping

Sunday was a Take a Kid to Faith service
One of the things i love about them
is the opportunity to worship with the children, both my daughters, and the other children in the church.

Someone had brought some ribbons and it was neat to watch one of our 5 year olds singing and worshipping waving her ribbon.
It helped me engage with God as i got to watch someone else engage with God.

For some people worship is assumed to be an individual sport.
I see it more as a team effort.

We can learn a lot about our good God
we can be deepened in our worship
by watching our children.

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October 16, 2006

more curry

i keep remembering more curry/indian meals…
delicious 40th birthday Indian banquet for Peter
heaps of people at our place with brian and grace mclaren (we bought takeaways and had so much left over it kept us going for ages!)
paul cooked us a delicious indian meal one time he was down for something…

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October 15, 2006

What is it about a curry?

Just been catching up on Nigel’s news,
and come across his reference to a “Saturday night curry get together”
and I felt a sudden pang for “a curry”.

Not to eat one particularly,
just to engage with friends over one.

I was introduced to “a curry” at Spring Harvest in 2001
and well remember the generosity of Gerard Kelly
who slept on our sofa (babysitting the girls)
while Steve and I went out with the team Steve had been working with over the past 10 days.
Somehow “a curry” had passed me by before that.

I remember an evening of fun and laughter
loads of yummy food: huge variety and volume.

Since then I have enjoyed many “a curry”,
tho Down Under we tend to call it “Indian”.

Takeaways at Tony and Jan’s
My birthday tea with Grant and Pauline and girls in Mt Eden (hmmmm, memorable that was for the quick trip home for one of the girls and Steve after it became clear that no, she wasn’t over her tummy bug!)
Shannon discovering she loves Indian
Anne’s birthday tea
Many meals at home
Lunches at St Lukes and Riccarton
A quick tea at Riccarton
Celebrating a mortgage paid off (sadly not ours!)
Kayli discovering she enjoys Indian too
A quick tea brought home from Riccarton.

There is something very Friday-night about Indian/a curry.
Something that calls us to relax with a glass of wine and a bunch of friends.

May be time for another one!

My favourite curry/Indian?
Would have to be chicken tikka masala.

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October 11, 2006

An inconvenient truth

Went to An Inconvenient Truth on Monday.
Great movie.
As an eternal optimist, I appreciated the hope: we can fix it, and didn’t get too hung up on the despair: if we don’t fix it we fry.

I don’t think we fully celebrated the hole in the ozone fixing success.

I liked the helpful hints.
I especially liked:
“If you believe in prayer, pray that people will have the strength to change.”

If you haven’t already seen it, go.
Be encouraged, be challenged, be inspired.
See here

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October 08, 2006


Tis the end of school holidays, the school holidays that tend to be the busiest for me work-wise.
Managed some work, thanks for kind friends and family looking after children for us.
Had a good few days away,
Kayli had extra ballet classes as prep for her exam (this tuesday) … i cannot do long-lasting buns and therefore fail “ballet mum 101” (i can encourage enthusiastically though!)
Kayli also had a close encouter with a tree which resulted in three stitches above her eye. (out now and healing nicely)
(i nearly flaked out in doctors surgery)
I saw 6 of my 7 nieces and nephews in 4 days. (only 2 live in canterbury).
We did some GOOD spring cleaning.
I had a lovely birthday.
Today i celebrates the opening of a building for a church we were involved in the leadership of back a long time ago! Very neat to celebrate and also to see loads of old friends from those days.
Dinner with another old friend.
New neighbours moved in. With children (girls in fact).

Day off tomorrow, and then I have a large pile of work to get through in the next (no i won’t look to see if it is two or three) … weeks.

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