November 29, 2006

Go find a story!

These suggestions
Here are ten “everyday” suggestions for places you can look, just to get you going:
Today’s news headline.
The woman in line in front of you at the grocery store.
The clerk checking you out at the grocery store.
The radio D.J. you listen to every day.
The gum under the table.
The abandoned, broken-down car on the side of the highway.
The frazzled look on a preschool teacher’s face.
An email subject line
A fortune cookie
A construction worker’s face

Enjoy! (and do share!)

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November 18, 2006

New worship songs

In some of our worship songs
there seems to be an over infatuation with the death of Jesus.
A neglect of his life.

Jesus, in living showed us how we can live.
Jesus, in dying brought forgiveness.

I really struggled with a new-to-me song introduced to me last weekend.
I found my self singing occasional lines
and grimacing at others, unable to sing them…
lines about wishing we could see Jesus’ face as he died: the pain etc.

“Actually,” I thought to myself.
“I don’t think i could bear to see that pain”.

Really powerful music, and some of the lines were great.
But I couldn’t sing them all.

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November 15, 2006

Missional doesn’t just mean missionary

One of the speakers at the Gathering talked about the rise of talk about “missional” churches and stated that missional means the same thing as missionary.

I’ve thought about it, and have decided i disagree. And I realise it is possible that this is a purely semantic disagreement.

Missionary for me implies more on an in-out approach rather than a true incarnation.

Missionary implies to me that you come and go, you learn the language, the culture, but somehow are always somehow outside it. That is, after all, why we now place emphasis on local people doing the local work and “missionaries” bringing support and offering skills lacking locally.

Missional for me is more wholistic, more incarnational, more yeah wholistic.

So perhaps if churches are missional they engage in the culture rather than just with the culture.

For me, in being missional there is no sense of coming and going, just a sense of being there, through it all.

Engaged. Involved.

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November 14, 2006

Back from The Gathering

Last weekend was our annual Gathering of Baptist churches in New Zealand, this year in sunny Nelson.

I enjoyed catching up with people, and stimulating conversations around ministry and mission.

There are blog posts inside me on a variety of themes! When i have a moment to get them out, this will be the place to find them.

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November 06, 2006

Picture I love

Trip to the gardens on Saturday
(yes, that means i got most of the work done i needed to do!)

This is a fav pic.
Opawa-ites watch out for it, coming to a powerpoint screen near you!
(With thanks to Lyn Court, Cambridge for the inspiration!)


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November 01, 2006

say a little prayer for me…

Flat out with work, missed major deadline due to being sick last week.

Please pray for clarity of mind, ease of analysis, and good rest when i am sleeping.


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