January 30, 2007

Two weddings and a funeral

Almost a movie!

Our first week back from holiday I attended two weddings and a funeral.
All were expected.

Weddings first: Friday and Saturday
two young couples from church committed themselves to each other
(yeah, i know, i probably should reword that).

I was totally impressed by the quality of the speeches as friends/family honoured one another, dispensed with the silly unfunny jokes and simply said lovely things about each other.

The brides look gorgeous, the grooms great, bridesmaids were beautiful, the groomsmen… well, groomed! … and the flower girls adorable.

Congratulations Kathryn and Alan,
and Dave and Adelle.
May you continue to grow in love and friendship.

And the funeral…
my Aunty Pammy.
“Doting Aunt”.
In Alexandra, last Tuesday

I remember her..
Larger than life
Appearing on the scene with volume and laughter.
Never remembering birthdays, rarely acknowledging Christmas, but turning up occasionally with the BEST presents ever.
The yellow plastic handbag she brought me back from Japan(!)
The game of SIMON for us all to share.

She lived in Alex and I spent a few summers 30 minutes away in Roxburgh.
I would appear at her place from time to time with various friends in tow.
She would feed us (Pammy’s famous ‘slaw), laugh with us, be interested in us, and send us on our way.

Four and a half years ago she was digagnosed with terminal cancer and given, was it six weeks or six months to live?
Typically Pammy she didn’t like that and decided to be around for longer.

She had good friends who sustained her,
travelled up and down the country numerous times,
but sadly died in late january.

She will be missed.
By me, my family
By her many friends, who recognised her faults and loved her anyway.

She found a peace with God before she died
for which i am glad.

I would have liked to have known her better.
I would have liked to have been braver with her
I would have liked her to have been braver with me.

Rest in peace, Aunty Pammy
I shall miss you.

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January 01, 2007

gone fishing

back later in january!

No, haven’t REALLY gone fishing,
gone kayaking
playing games
jigsaw puzzles


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