March 27, 2007

Dad update

Dad is home from hospital again, and seems to have finally turned a corner.
thanks for your prayers
I will let you know when he is back on the golf course!

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A prayer for parents

I prayed this on Sunday, after Steve preached, reflecting on the anti-smacking legislation that is before parliament…

Before we pray, I invite you to call to mind
the names and images of some of the children you love.

They may be your own children or grandchildren,
nieces and nephews, neighbours,
children in the church, and others.

Think about, imagine the faces of, those children now.

We pray for the people
who parent the children we love
Grant them wisdom and grace.
Help them to raise these children we love
to be strong and whole people.
Help them to discover the unique individuals
you have created these children to be,
and to work positively
to develop those unique giftings.

Help them discover ways of shaping and disciplining
that are appropriate for their children.
Help them respond to disobedience
in ways that are appropriate for the child,
and for the “crime”
in ways that teach and train the children
without harming them physically or emotionally

Thank you that as much as we love these children
and the people who parent them,
you love them even more

As a community of God’s people in this place
Help us to always welcome the little ones
So that Micah and Samuel, Olivya and Daniel, Monique and Emily, Eloni and Shannon, and all our lovely children
will know that this is a place where they belong
this is a place where they are welcome
this is a place where they are valued
valued as individuals
with a special and unique contribution to make
to our church life together.

Thank you Jesus for your example
in loving and welcoming the little ones


use of the word “harm” is deliberate, as is mention of both physical and emotional harm …

may post more on this later

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March 20, 2007


My Dad is back in hospital again…
he had surgery to remove (80+) gallstones about 12 days ago,
and had heart and lung problems following surgery
but went home last tuesday.

blood tests the doctor did yesterday show liver inflammation and they have some other questions, so have bundled him back to hospital again.

i would appreciate prayers for him
and for mum
and for all of us


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March 14, 2007

love your neighbour

This website ( gives some example of groups that seek to love their neighbours in a holistic way…
worth checking out, for great stories that may inspire or challenge you.

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March 01, 2007

A prayer for M

A prayer for M, a wee friend who started school today:

When you look around the class-room
may you see the faces of children who will become good friends
rather than the absence of Mum and Dad

When you are asked to try new things
may you smile your bright, whole-faced smile and bravely give them a go,
doing your best, because your best will be great

May you soak up information like a sponge,
enjoy the variety of learning you will get to do,
take delight in learning to read and to write

And may you always know that you are much-loved
By mum and dad, by aunts and uncles, by big friends and by little friends.

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