April 27, 2007

Eight holes

I am happy to report that Dad played eight holes of golf on Wednesday. He had aimed for 5 or 6, so 8 is great.

He has been very tired since, but this is to be celebrated!

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April 26, 2007


So what is worship?
I like the Drane definintion,
“Worship is all we are responding to all God is”…

so does that mean that when i stand and look at the sea and have that gut response that says wow, am i worshipping?
… yes, i believe am

do i need to say, “wow, God” or is the wow sufficient, the “God” taken as read?
… yes, i think the God-bit can be taken as read

so if someone who doesn’t have a relationship with God stands and looks at the sea and have that gut response that says wow … are they worshipping?
… hmmm… what do you think.

All came up tonight thanks to Amy running Steve Worsley’s new worship leader training course
… off topic perhaps, but interesting none-the-less.
If we are created with an inbuilt response/link to God, then surely worship is a natural (spiritual) process…

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April 05, 2007

Another Easter Journey

Lirttle flower altered me to this ….
It is the work of eight Luton teenagers who were each asked to reflect on one of eight themes from the easter story – choice, accusation, betrayal, denial, suffering, death, life, hope.

They painted and told their stories of those themes.

They were made into posters and out up in high schools
as a kind of stations of the cross.

I like!

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April 01, 2007

Kiwis, have your say…

on religion in New Zealand
(Before Tuesday, go here, sign up and have your say.

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