May 24, 2007

Hearing… in your own language

I was thinking about the (first) day of Pentecost
and all the people hearing their own languages being spoken.

And it got me thinking
First about those moments in a foreign country
when you hear your language spoken
(perhaps even with a familiar accent)
… that is what Pentecost was like.

And then i thought some more about what it means
to hear the gospel in our own language
and i was reminded of the John Driver’s “Gates of the Cross”
which Steve uses here.

That we can hear the gospel as it applies to our own heart needs…
that the gospel gives forgiveness
that the gospel offers reconciliation with God
that the gospel offers belonging in a family
that the gospel offers a framework for our service for others
… and more…

And so today, at our community craft group
i shared this, and prayed that we would indeed
hear the gospel in the language of our hearts

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May 15, 2007

The wrath of God?

Last Tuesday’s Espresso question was something like,
“Is global warming God’s punishment? Like the flood was”

I was on the ending and used John 3:16
God loved
God gave
so we can have eternal life.

The flood was a very Old Testament God response to our sinfulness, John reminds us of God’s sacrificial, risky, loving response in sending Jesus.

I had small gift-shaped boxes, red hearts and sweet pea seeds, and invited people to take the object(s) they most felt they needed from God at the moment. Did they need to be reminded that God gives gifts? … loves them? …. offers eternal life?

The spare ones were taken to Edgeware Road with a note/prayer from us.

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May 08, 2007

Mothers Day prayer

Back by popular demand
(well, someone called it “excellent”)
is my mothers’ day prayer from last year:

I wrote this pastoral prayer for mothers day (last year)

With loving thoughts of, and prayers for, all the women I know, love, respect who inspired it…

God, it is mothers’ day.
And so we think about mothers and we think about children.
We think about others and we think about ourselves.

God, we pray for new mothers:
women who are today celebrating their first mother’s day.
Be near to new mothers.
May they know the joy of precious moments with their babies
as well as your strength and sustaining
amid the interrupted sleep and constant demands.

God, we pray for mothers who have lost a child.
Through miscarriage or death
Through adoption
Through abortion
Through the breakdown of a relationship.
Be near to those mothers
May they know a growing sense of hope, love, joy and peace
as well as your strength and sustaining amid their sadness and pain.

God, we pray for mothers who long
for a better relationship with their child
May you help them do all they can to heal rifts,
Whilst realising that it is not only their responsibility.
Help them to reach out and to let go appropriately.

We pray for women who parent alone
Thank you for their courage
Sustain them as they seek to be both mother and father
to their precious children.
Place others alongside them to help and encourage them.

We pray for women who long to be mothers
Comfort them, heal them, sustain them, be near them.
We pray for babies for them, in your time.

We pray for all mothers
Give them an ever-growing love for their children.
Help them enable their children to grow and develop
Give them courage and grace as relationships change

God, we thank you for our mothers
For the women who bore us and birthed us
For the women who fed us and cared for us
For the women who loved us and disciplined us.

Some of us find it easy to thank our Mums
for all they have done for us
Some of us wish we could speak words
to mothers we no longer have.

Comfort those who mourn
Give courage and strength to those who need it
Grant us all an appreciation of those who have
“mothered us” appropriately
be they birth mothers, adoptive mothers,
dear friends or others.

In Jesus name

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18 holes and several flights of stairs

Dad played 18 holes of golf on Saturday and then walked up as many flights of stairs as there are, up to the gods at the Isaac Theatre Royal for CATS.
We were in the back row, so far back it doesn’t even make it onto the venue map…

So that would mean fully recovered.
thanks again for all the prayers and support.

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May 03, 2007

Section 59 : the ultimate compromise!

So it will still be illegal to smack your child,but police can decide not to press charges if it is a inconsequential offence

Yes, it is better than it was, in that there is some reassurance for occasional-lightly-bottom-tapping parents that they won’t be arrested
Yes, great that mmp enabled a way forward that made some sense
BUT, it WILL still be illegal to smack your kids. Illegal to parent in that way.

Raises interesting questions like,
So are we allowed to break the law if we won’t be prosecuted?
(but that is a topic for another post)

When it comes down to it
i am glad that people won’t be able to use a “reasonble force” argument to get off hideous abuse cases.
and maybe that is worth the risk of being personally potentially criminalised.

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