August 29, 2007

Did you see? Did you see?

I like the world our God made!

see pics of lunar eclipse here

Caught a couple of glimpses at our lunar-themed espresso, but best and reddest look was from our conservatory just nbefore bed.

very special!

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August 08, 2007

Leadership today

From Ronald Heifetz
“So the challenge of leadership today is to be able to stay calm in the midst of ambiguity, to maintain poise in the midst of uncertainty, to be able to keep people’s eyes on the larger values that you hope will be enduring and for which it’s worth suffering through changes and disorders, and responding with faith and creativity.”

The first bit reminds me of the need to be ducklike, paddling furiously under the water whilst maintaining a calm appearance above.
And then the need for big picture awareness, to be able to help people see themselves, their contributions, their reality as part of something bigger, something greater, something significiant.
And in doing so to macro-filter, rather than micro-filter: to view dreams, suggestions, ideas, life, with eyes on the horizon rather than on the detail.
And to always have faith and creativity. Oh yes, i need/love/treasure faith and creativity!

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August 03, 2007

There’s something really nice…

… about working after 3pm occasionally.
Tonight the girls have gone to play after school with some gorgeous friends,
and i have the unexpected bonus of a post-3pm work-end time.

Whenever this happens, which isn’t often,
it always feels so treaty, so productive.
So I enjoy it.
knowing full well that it is the unexpectedness of it which makes it so good
and determined not to take it for granted!

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August 02, 2007

Many things in my head

I am just back from Sharpening the Edge
a 3 day “conference” that incorported story telling of, and reflection on, what God is up to in our communities around Aotearoa New Zealand.

I met some very good people and was delighted with the passion and enthusiasm i saw and heard.

i am very aware that while there is value in that as an isolated event, there is huge scope for so much more if we make and take the time to think carefully about ways forward in terms of learning, ongoing interactions and future events.


i return home to neglected things i simply MUST do for work
(my blog was not the only thing abandoned in my july school holiday and rush to prepare for STE mix)…
i want to balance catching up on the abandoned
and thoroughly “closing” the conference: my notes made sense of, time for reflection taken.
AND i also want to be doing the necessary thinking and stirring and encouraging to ensure the value of this is more fully realised with all the ongoing learnings and engagement that could occur.


For now though, i must write my “legion of donors” letter (to some of our older baptist saints) seeking prayer and finanical support for some of those engaged in ministry and mission (in some of our younger Baptist churches).

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