November 28, 2007

an october morning

it is still dark as i
bleary-eyed out the door.

a waiting shutle
swallows luggage and me
womb-like in its warmth.
random route around city.

sky exhibits palette of mustard-
purple hews
the cyclist needs a light. not for long.

at the sleeping hospital a
baby cries for the first time a
father wipes a tear a
mother can’t imagine all this
life will mean for her.

white mist grows up from
rugby posts

the baker runs across the carpark

fluro-jacketed-arms swing and
legs pump enthusiastically.

we drive away from the sunrise
but it is faster than us.
a smear of pink fluff rests above

regain luggage
check in
drink bad coffee
write bad, sleep-deprived poetry


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November 22, 2007

How long?

At Sunday’s Stoning the Prophets we played U2’s “40”, after hearing Habbakuk read aloud.
I was struck by the ending of the live version from “Under a Blood Red Sky”, where one by one the musicians stop playing/singing and leave, and we are left with the audience crying, “How long?” acapella.
It was a good metaphor for how i wanted to be for some lovely friends who are going through a rugged time. A seriously unwell parent, combined with major house renovations that were not going according to plan (understatement), as well as all the usual stuff of working busy jobs, and looking after their children, and everything else that is part of life. So i emailed to assure them i was singing along with them and others who love them. Asking God, “How long?”, in a suggesting “that is enough now”, sort of way.
And now i am asking you to sing with me.
Because they have now had a child in hospital for 3 days, following a close encounter with a cricket bat. And frankly, i think that’s enough.
Please pray for peace, hope and strength for this family.
Pray for continued good humour.
Pray for complete healing for J
Pray for love and fun between the boys
Pray for M and her medical staff
Pray for a continued keeping heads above water
Pray for light at the end of the tunnel
and for rest.
How long?

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November 20, 2007

Matariki 2016

Back in 2004 I spouted forth about the possibility of celebrating Matariki instead of Queen’s Birthday weekend:
The suggestion has recently been made that instead of celebrating QueenÂ’s Birthday as a public holiday, we instead celebrate Maori New Year (Matariki). This occasion, like Queens Birthday, occurs in the middle of the year (and the middle of winter, down-under).

The Maori are the people who are indigenous to New Zealand. A Treaty, signed in 1840 between chiefs of the Maori iwi (tribes) and European leaders, declared Aotearoa New Zealand to be a bicultural land.

To me, this means it is very logical that if we celebrate a Pakeha (non-Maori, or – more commonly – European or Caucasian) New Year, then it makes good sense to also celebrate Maori New Year (Matariki). If we are truly bi-cultural then neither New Year date is more important than the other.

(See here for original post)

I have been informed that in 2016, Matariki (Maori New Year) falls on the same day as our Queens Birthday holiday.

While we could push for a “formal” change, it could be equally valuable to encourage people to have a “subversive” celebration on that day… ie to declare that we are actually taking our holiday as a celebration of matariki, rather than QB…

What do you think?

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