February 13, 2008

Volunteering in Aotearoa

This from Statistics NZ, 2006 Census:
Other voluntary work by religion
Identification with a religion (also) had an influence upon the likelihood of people undertaking other voluntary work. Nineteen percent of those who identified themselves as Christian undertook formal voluntary work compared with 11 percent of those who identified with no religion. This compared with both 21 percent of Jewish and spiritualist/new age respondents, 12 percent of Buddhists and 9 percent of both Muslim and Hindu respondents.

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And the following is from a report I prepared a couple of years back for the Christian Theology and Ministry Education Society (CTMES), looking at the volunteering habits of those whose highest qualification was in religious studies, or who were studying at a CTMES institution:

Volunteers in NZ
According to the 2001 Census, half (51%) of the people in New Zealand whose highest qualification is in Religious Studies are engaged in “Other Helping or Voluntary Work for or through any Organisation, Group or Marae”. This compares with 15% of the general population. Thus people who have training in religious studies, such as that provided by CTMES Colleges, are over three times more likely to be contributing to society through voluntary work.
This was also highlighted in the surveys undertaken for this project. In terms of current students, 600 (63.1%) students surveyed indicated that they are currently engaged in voluntary work, 353 (37.1%) in 1-4 hours per week, and 247 (26.0%) in over five hours of voluntary service per week.
Similarly in the graduate survey, 75.4% of graduates are engaged in voluntary work, with 37.7% working in a voluntary capacity for up to four hours per week and a further 37.7% working in excess of five hours per week in a voluntary capacity.

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February 07, 2008

No rubbish for a year?

Just found out about a couple who have decided to try to go rubbish-free for a year.
They have many suggestions for ways that this can be achieved.
Be inspired!

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