March 18, 2008

a friendly reminder

A friendly reminder, found in my purchased item, after a shopping trip i have put off for a while…
(you can play guess the company if you like :))

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March 06, 2008

The spiritual discipline of not reading…

I have recently taken a blogger out of my favourites,
because I realised that reading their blog actually wasn’t good for me.
It made me cross and grumpy!

And so i exercised the spiritual discpline
of removing the easy access to their blog.
So now when i wonder if it is safe to read it
i simply can’t

well i could, but i would need to go to it off someone else’s blog roll
and that two stage process means i am now avoiding the nervousness around will it be good for me,
and the pain when actually it isn’t.

I recommend it as a spiritual discpline
and no, it is not a head in the sand approach,
rather a keeping me sane/safe approach.

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March 05, 2008

Follow me?

I’ve just started reading Vince Antonucci’s
“I became a Christian and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”

While i don’t agree with all his assertions, i was struck by his emphasis on Jesus call to people to follow him…
bible gateway identifies 20 times in the gospels when Jesus says “follow me” (yep, some are synoptics).

And so, for our ending for Espresso last night, i printed out those “follow me”s, spread shoes around and asked people to think about what Jesus is asking them to follow him to …. and whether are they prepared to say yes.

It was nice to be reminded personally that my mothering and my being alert to what God is up to in people’s lives, is part of my following of Jesus. And nice to sign up, to say yes, to ongoing following… wherever the adventure may lead.

Here’s the front and the back of the handout i gave people…

What adventure is Jesus calling you to?


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