April 20, 2008

Lynne licking walls

so when we arrive at church i need to find a good brick wall in front of which to photograph staff, board, ministry leaders, for our New Photo Board…
I wander the building with my sister (photographer) and pause in front of a graffitted area, wondering if it is chalk or crayon. Lick finger and rub to see if it comes off.
S&H arrive at that moment.
S, being photographed later comments, “H said, when she saw you this morning, that Lynne obviously likes the church so much that she is licking the walls”.
ha ha

So later when i see S&H leaving in the car (i am still outside photographing last people), i wave to son in back seat, and then make elaborate wall-licking motions
ha ha
wrong car, wrong family, not S&H at all, but new pastoral team member and family who probably think i am Quite Mad. Certifiable even…

embarassed laughter.
gales of it.

and later a red-faced phone call to explain Very Strange Actions.

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April 03, 2008

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it!”

So states the header on my invitation to take part in an online seminar talking about donorCentricsTM analytics and benchmarking services for Nonprofit organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

What a premise!

Things i cannot measure, but i can improve…
(perhaps things i have no desire to measure!)
my love for God, family, friends, others, world
my enjoyment of the simple things
my ability to listen
… and more, but i need to do some work.

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April 02, 2008

A (benediction) prayer for Easter Sunday

Go, and may you live like you believe in life
In fullness of life
In abundance of life.
In resurrection life.

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