June 19, 2008


This from the met service
don’t thnk it’s that cold here, but looks pretty impressive nonetheless
(Kayli was “iceskating” or perhaps skiing on our deck before school, sliding with stick as pole)

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June 12, 2008

NZ’s biggest morning tea

this is a great way to raise awareness and funds about donestic violence

Between 9-20 June 2008, Preventing Violence in the Home (PVH) and Bank of New Zealand are asking all Kiwis to host a morning tea to help fund a national helpline for victims of domestic violence. On average in New Zealand 14 women, 10 children and 6 men are killed by a member of their own family every year, but we can help prevent many of these tragedies.

I wish i’d been aware of it sooner… can i squeeze it in?

… or would it increase my stress levels too far and thus make me neglectful of MY kids??? 🙂

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June 11, 2008

Learning to (show) love

On Monday Steve picked a rose from our garden
and gave it to me, with words of love, taken from our wedding vows.
Little Miss 8 watched.

Later, she appeared
with another rose
in vase, ribbon tied around it, and a note with words of love.

This is how she learns to show love
by watching love in action
and imitating.

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June 10, 2008

Simple pleasures

I have just had the simple pleasure of hanging towels on our washing line.
A few weeks ago our (geriatric/antique) rotary washing line rusted through at the join.
It wasn’t so good for drying when it was in two pieces and the bit with the line was on the ground…
steve eyed up the grass under where the line was and declared it to be good for (more) vege garden.
i went trade-me-ing for new pull out line to go in new not-assigned-for-more-vege-garden space
and used clothes-horse thing in the meantime.

yesterday the line went up
long, linear, lovely.

and i have just got a silly amount of pleasure out of hanging towels on spacious line

tomorrow i shall air the sleeping bags and summer duvet that have been waiting to be put away.

ah, the simple things of life…

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