July 30, 2008

turning down a coffee

a text from steve,
having picked up the kids from school,
enquired if i was free for coffee now…

my reply?
“plumber under floor occasionally needs me to fetch things like spade.
so no, but you go enjoy”

how many tradespeople does it take to install a dishwasher?
3 so far, but we may need another smaller plumber if this one can’t dig through!

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July 24, 2008

a body can’t walk on its nose

I was in a friend’s van yesterday as we picked up a small yacht and a desk from a transport company.
the yacht (a moth, lovingly referred to as Red Sail (bet you can’t guess why), renamed Daisy when some letters fell off (not sure where the y came from, perhaps a reworked R) and now known affectionately as DM (for Danger Mouse of course)) used to be my uncle’s, and my brother had it in auckland for the past 13 years.
it was coming back to christchurch as it couldn’t make the move with brother to australia and my nostalgic family couldn’t bear the thought of it leaving our whanau.
the desk was my gran and grandads, has been with brother for the past 20+ years, but being happily munched by borer couldn’t cross the tasman, and so i happily claimed it for this next season of its journey.

so these items were shipped to chch and needed collecting from the transport company.

new yacht owner works and lives way out of town and couldn’t collect it after work and return home before dark. so she called me, “could i…”

yyyyyyyyes. i said
and stewed about how i could do this.

i can do many things
but i have NEVER gone frontwards with a trailer, let alone backwards.
(oh, have gone forwards in tractor with trailer attached, but only between rows of fruit trees, no cars, turns, speed to worry about)

so i decided it was beyond my level of comfort and expertise.
it is good to have things beyond ones level of comfort and expertise.
i am comfortable with that
i don’t need to do everything!

a phonecall to handyman friend
who had earlier in the week prepared cupboard for new dishwasher
“May i buy another hour of your time?”
saw us set off to matipo street
in n’s van
with j’s trailer
to collect items.

maybe i could have done it myself
but it prob would have caused an ulcer.
and i didn’t need to do it myself
much better to ask for help from those who are good at such things.


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July 16, 2008

World famous in New Zealand?

My demographic roadshow has come to an end…
see here for article…

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