August 27, 2008


another gorgeous day
have set up shannon’s computer to use in the library, so a 20 minute walk can see us all blogging, and me doing a little work as needed.
yesterday we heading to the marion shopping complex, longest in the southern hemisphere. bought some odd things that seemed essential, like muffin trays (i have a desire to make muffins, must be all the time i am enjoying) and coloured pens (i like australian stationery!)
steve saw a dolphin this morning, but the girls and i didn’t despite keeping our eyes pealed on our 20 minute beachside walk to the library. perhaps we’ll have more luck on the way home.

it is good to have girls big enough to cope with lots of walking … buses don’t always go exactly where we expect!

have a good day

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August 25, 2008

In Adelaide

having a great time.
I could become used to this life of leisure!

We enjoyed a weekend off as a family, visited the central market, went to church, Mt Lofty, a delicious cafe for lunch in Stirling.

We also visited a lecturer at the college who lives with his family up in the hills on a large property. Had a wander through the bushy scrubby stuff with loads of gorgeous wee flowers poking through (including carnivorous plants munching on insects). They have several kids so shannon and kayli had loads of fun playing and adventuring with them.

We’re living in a little apartment near the beach in Glenelg South.

We are all good.

Steve started teaching his missional church course today.
Library has internet access, so that is great!
More later.

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August 21, 2008

So long, farewell

We are off on sabbatical tomorrow morning.
Steve is doing loads of interesting work and I am Looking After Our Children.
That will require me to do loads of exciting things.
I am really looking forward to relaxed time with them during the day, and with Steve and the children on evenings and weekends…

i plan to keep on blogging. well, actually i plan to blog more! it has been a little frenetic over the past 4 months, and i haven’t gotten to blogging much (be assured my children were fed and cared for even if the blog wasn’t tended!)

the children will be blogging here and here

i plan to blog from here, and am considering another “30 days in September” discipline

so watch this space!

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