October 20, 2008

Nah, not a nest

I am quite sure that Honey (the bunny) is NOT making a nest in her hutch.

It may look like a nest, but i am sure it is just a comfortable bed (a nesty bed even, as i make for my children from time to time).

Today as i put washing on the line i observed her with straw sticking out both sides of her mouth, happily heading for her sleeping quarters.  Not just once but many times.  There is nice soft cosy fur in this not-nest structure too.

Honey has been housed in Rabbitsville, well at Shannon’s friends place, over the past 7 weeks while we Adelaided.  They have boy and girl rabbits and i am quite sure they wouldn’t have had mixed quarters at all.

Quite sure. 

I showed Shannon when she got home from school and she agreed it sure looked like a nest, flicked me an innocent gaze and declared, “if she is pregnant i know nothing about it”.  Not a plot, i am sure… (tho such possibilities had been discussed).  Then she declared that it looked like Honey would LIKE to have babies.

I wondered aloud if Honey would like a kitten as well.

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October 16, 2008

Home again, home again

The girls and I have arrived safely back in Christchurch and are refamiliarising ourselves with home and garden.

Having not yet lived in this house for 12 months (we moved in in December) there were some pleasant surpirses in the garden, especially the fact that the “honeysuckle” along the fence is actually wisteria.  And there is LOTS of it.  We had planted some in our previous home so it is nice to see some here too!  (i may prune it less enthusiastically next winter)

There are also large dandelions in the garden (didn’t know they could grow so tall!)

Unfortunately Shannon is home sick today so she hasn’t made it back to school yet.  She is looking good for tomorrow though.

It is nice to be home, but doesn’t feel entirely like home due to the absence of Steve.

And now i have the added bonus of a weblog up and running again…

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October 07, 2008

Still having a great time

Spent the week with my sister, Jan, who arrived last Monday and left today. It included a long weekend on Kangaroo Island, where one of the highlights was a koala doing its exercises, including hanging from 2 paws whilst grooming. rather fun! we were ready to rescue it should it fall, but no, it recovered nicely. did seem to have some nasty itches though!

only one week til we girls head for home, but i am not thinking about the leaving-Steve part of that!

will stick some pics up once i have them off the camera.

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