December 17, 2008

Team effort

One of the great things about Opawa at the moment is the people who have offered to help with stuff in the (post-loss-of-a-staff-person) lead up to Christmas.

So we have a marvellous team working on the visual environment for our Blue Christmas service tonight, plus i just received quiz questions from someone else for our Countdown to Christmas Treasure Hunt.  Carloads of people will visit three homes, meet six characters from Christmas, answer several questions and “do” something at each home.

It sounds like it will be lots of fun, and will end at the Christmas Journey, so Grow punters can experience that.

It is great to have people willing to help.

It is excellent to be thinking sufficiently ahead that we can give people stuff to do with enough time for them to achieve it.

It is wonderful to have people who work to a high standard.

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December 03, 2008

Thanks for that!

On Thursday as i helped cut ballet costumes for Kayli’s end of year recital, my cell phone rang with bad news.

I took the call, returned to my costume shortening and then was present as her class and the grades above and below practised their item.

Josh Groban’s, “You raise me up” was repeated over and over again as little ballerinas from this (secular) theatre school rehearsed their number.

And i sat and allowed the music to wash over me, and my soul to (begin to) be restored and myself to be reminded of the strength i can find in God.


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December 02, 2008

Ready for anything

Shannon’s homework has taken a different form this year with her school starting a new homework system that requires pupils to do extra-curricula stuff within four categories.

This has seem her (among other things) making and selling cards (with a team of friends) to fundraise for our church building project, designing brochures on Australian walks, gaining credit for music lessons and theatre involvement and cooking us delicious German, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Italian meals, again while we were in Oz.

The latest task has been to prepare an emergency survival kit for us, as per Civil Defense recommendations.  I have always been a bit blase about such preparation cos i always have stacks of food in the pantry.  But i have been aware that while we may be happily fed, we don’t have any bottled water at all (not least due to a philosphical adversion to it!).  But now we have water, food, torch, batteries, all awaiting disaster in our garage.  There is even some chocolate.

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