February 25, 2009

I think the good fairies have been!

Just settling down to next mindless task, and have discovered i am MUCH further through the nasty-bit than i thought…

I am nearly finished the really should use the microscope part of the task…

I honestly thought there was lots to go but there is not…

I find this quite exciting (can you tell?)

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Two realisations…

1. When one is not-in-the-best-space it is much harder to do work that requires one to be entirely self-motivated and self-directed.  Best to find a fairly mindless task and achieve that.

2. Just because one hasn’t had a “tissue in the wash” encounter for several months DOESN’T mean one’s family has miraculously recovered from “leaving tissue in pockets” tendencies.  When the colds begin again one needs to again carefully check ALL items before washing.

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February 24, 2009


This is great…

Bags that “was” billboards. 

Plates that were windows.

Brilliant initiative, wishing them all the best, but not buying anything on account of my scottish tendencies 🙂

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February 17, 2009

May it be as you intended

At Grow at the moment we are learning about LIfeshapes… and specifically last Sunday and next we are working with the hexagon of the Lord’s prayer.

Three phrases last Sunday, three phrases to come.

I gave everyone a choice of take-home: cards with those phrases paraphrased on them:

  • Daddy/Holy
  • May it be as you intended
  • Provide us with what we need

Everyone was invited to take one, and to “sit with it” for the week, allowing it to shape us.

I took, “May it be as you intended”.

A conversation soon after made me realise this is my prayer for a friend’s life.  Someone who is making a brave and “intended” choice. 

Yet i am aware of the now and not yet nature of the Kingdom of God, of the intended… and this lovely friend needs our prayer and support and she lives with this tension.   Because it ain’t easy.

But it is intended.  It is the way it is meant to be.  So, please God, be light to my friend.  Give courage and hope.  And help me help you help her.

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February 14, 2009

I love the way “the body” works

We have a camp coming up for Opawa women…

I am part of a group organising it, and one of us is incubating loads of great ideas that will create a wonderful experience for us all…

Often i feel like i am hatching loads of stuff, this time someone else it, and it is great.  The rest of us will do what needs to be done to help make dreams reality to create a rich weekend.

Thanks God for the Body!

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February 12, 2009

Could be an interesting essay question!

This is yesterday’s quote from our Green calendar…

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” (Anthropologist Margaret Mead)

I want to slap a “Discuss” at the end of it, and open it up as an “essay” question.

On one hand it is an encouragement to act.

On another hand (I guess that would be THE other hand as i only have two), it is a bit of a slight on God, who is ever-active in our world.  Yes through the work of small groups of people, but also supernaturally, impossibly.

What do you think?  (Come on, i know you’re out there…)

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February 06, 2009

Waitangi Day reflections

(See also Steve Taylor  Mark Nichols  Paul Fromont Stu McGregor for Waitangi Day reflections)

I woke this morning to the sounds of our national anthem.  The alarm clock surprised me with it.  A nice way to wake up, tho 6am seemed like a very early start.

An hour later i was on board a train, with my whanau, travelling north over the Canterbury plains and onto the spectacular Kaikoura coast.

A Christmas present (and ’09 birthday present) from my parents to my (nz based) siblings and i, and our spouses and children.

There is history here.  My mother was born in Kaikoura and (as i mentioned last post) summer holidays used to always begin with a few nights in Goose Bay, fishing off the rocks, swimming in the rock pools, walking through the old railway tunnel to a surf beach, collecting paua shells (with or without their paua), bashing paua to make patties, visiting uncles with snorkling gear and therefore butterfish and crays to share, walks to the icecream shop, hearing the trains in the night…

Somehow it is an area, a town that is part of my blood, part of my heritage. (more…)

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