May 07, 2009

Unable to fully articulate my slight disgruntledness

Yesterday I received an invitation to an event.

It fell out of our free newspaper, so i presume everyone in christchurch was invited, not just special me.

It is a first birthday celebration with many free things: gift for Mum’s day, soft drink, candy floss and popcorn … and i presume the bouncy castle, face painting for kids are also free.

I read it looking to see what was 1 year old, and there it is at the top right (design wise easy to miss cos it is kind of the third column, tho it is bright red).  Aha a church.  I wondered if it had been when i read the venue: XXX Community Centre (which i read, interstingly the first time, as XXX Community Church, which is a strong church in the same area)

This church is 6.7km from my home.  Why are they inviting me to their place?  Oh yeah, they are inviting everyone in Christchurch.

Are they hoping people will come for entertainment and slide into church accidentally?

Is this really the best way to “market” church?  To advertise an event that people may not realise is a church service until they get there?

I need to acknowledge that the back of the brochure gives content about God and their church, so great.  They are about fullness of life, and putting God first.  I like that.  But i don’t want to go.

(i could rant about gifts for mum’s day too, but will save that for another time)

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