June 19, 2009

Being an impatient patient

Last night i hit the depressed phase of my not-swine flu illness…

I was fed up with being sick and useless.

But i realised the difference between usefulness and valuable.  I may have been useless, but i was still valuable.  At a deep intrinsic level.  Because my value is measured by who i am, not what i do. 

So that is reassuring!

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June 03, 2009

Oh, Tom! Where do you think Sydney is?

So i grab a book (waiting to be put on Trade Me, after our church book sale), Tom Clancy’s Bio-Strike.  I am after a little mindless reading whilst eating lunch.

But it makes me groan.  Not his fault he chose October 2001 as the date to set it, so soon after 9-11 as to make it non-sensicle.

BUT i struggle with the concept of an aeroplane that would fly from Hong Kong to London VIA SYDNEY.  And good news, folks, it only takes 7 hours to make the Sydney to London leg.  That is amazing!  I want to fly that route. 

(Of course Tom didn’t actually write the book, so i should blame Jerome Prerisler for his bad geography)

I think a little bit of research-checking would be a good thing.

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June 02, 2009

New insights

I am thoroughly enjoying Opawa’s Bible Days; we had Steve Graham on 1 Corinthians on Saturday.

He brought an overview and a freshness to the book that is now resourcing my bible reading of 1 Corinthians.  I was struck by the fact that scholars now no more about the text and therefore we can understand more about it.

When i go to the doctor i presume that she is up to date with the best resources and learning available.  i hope we treat the bible with the same respect: continuing to mine more truth and resource from it.  not figuring we know all there is to be known… as Pastor John Robinson said in the 1600s: (I think on the Mayflower) “God has yet more light and truth to break forth out of his holy Word.”

May I always be learning and growing.

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