August 30, 2010

The joy of jamming

Last Tuesday saw me jamming with my children and one of their friends.

All three have been learning these particular instruments just this year.

We played Samlonella Dub’s Plate Tectonics and I worked out music and gave them bits to play…

Oboe, trombone, trumpet and flute were an interesting combination, esp played over the Dub.

End result?  A lot of fun, and a call for a repeat tomorrow… PLUS the real bonus of one girl in partiucular seeing a bigger picture of what CAN BE musically, and whose playing (and practicing) has improved hugely as a result.

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August 26, 2010

On being known…

One of the “pains” of moving to a new place/new land is the pain of not being fully-known.

Who knows me, really?  My husband and my children know me in my entirety, but others here just see the bits that are exercised here in this place.  Some days I recall whole chunks of me that noone here knows of. Gifts, talents, passions, desires that simply haven’t found expression here.

What does this mean?

  • It means moments of frustration, when i suspect i haven’t been fully “heard”
  • It means a chance for reinvention of self (but i liked old-self quite well)
  • It means a need to keep opening myself to others, so i can be known
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August 24, 2010

Hooray, Statistics New Zealand… Mythbusters

One of the things that gets me riled up is the use of unsubstantiated, or miscalculated, statistics.

I can relate to the following statement from Statistics NZ’s population statistics team;

Analysts in the Population Statistics Unit hear often repeated statements that make us:

  • shake our heads in despair
  • scratch our heads in thought
  • or just yell no!

See here for some myth-busting. 

And, check your facts… just because someone said it doesn’t make it correct!

I chased down an interesting quote from a book once, that ended in the thin air of “someone said it at a conference”.  No data to back it up.  A number pulled from the ether and granted strength through publication.  Sigh.

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August 20, 2010

it really IS 12 months

Was looking back through my journel and realised it is almost exactly 12 months since we shared with the kids about a possible Adelaide move and moved the process of discernment to the next level; including their prayers and our (nuclear)family discussions.

It was good to look back to see what we had sensed from God, and to trace back through a bit of the journey over the past 12 months.

And reading John 1 this morning, i am reminded that God knows.  The past and the now and the what’s to come…

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August 19, 2010

Just over 12 months

It’s been over a year since i blogged… lots of reasons for that.  Uncertainty and prospective change that couldn’t be shared.  Turmoil, sadness and grief.  No internet.  Facebook, finding myself in a new place…

And here i am in a different land, listening to the rain pound on the roof, certain we are where God wants us to be, yet still wondering what that means for me personally.

We moved to Adelaide in January and I have been glad to be primarily existing on the “home front”.  Kids to settle into school.  Husband with demanding job.  Has been nice to not have stress of me going-out-to-work.

We live in a lovely house just a stones throw from the beach (if you’re Chris Cairns that is), and are settling, putting down roots, finding our feet. 

I have started applying for jobs.  Actually to be technically correct, i have applied for a job :).  (rather hoping one will be enough, but realise that is an unlikely strike rate!)   I wonder what God has in store for me.  i am confident there is a plan.  But waiting isn’t my best thing!  (Sudden anxious hope that the life lesson for the second half of 2010 isn’t to be patience!)

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