September 24, 2010

As requested..

I asked my small group to pray for wisdom and clarity re my future..,

Part-time job or Masters?

I had two job applications “live”; one i didn’t expect to get as it was full-time and i cheerfuly offered myself part-time (as you do!).  The other i had a brief phone interview-let about.  And really wasn’t feeling very enthusiastic about.  A job I could do BUT.  Big question seemed to be: should i be taking this opportunity for further study?

So prayers went up and today i heard i hadn’t got either job.

It is my ideal outcome; in that there is easy clarity… no choice to make, no saying “no” required.  It is only a small part of me that wishes i could at LEAST have had a proper interview (more interview practise always good).

But REALLY, it is as i requested: very clear. 

… time to hatch a masters thesis me-thinks

(eek.  did i say that out loud??)

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September 14, 2010

Where was God in the earthquake?

I’d love to hear your stories of where/how you found God/God found you in the Christchurch earthquake and ongoing aftershocks…

Comment here, or email me!  lynnetaylor at internode dot on dot net

i’m really interested in people’s “everyday” spiritual experiences… and this, whilst not “everyday” by any stretch(!) is part of that.. how do people encounter God as they simply get on and live their lives, whatever they encounter during their days.

I’m sure there are loads of awesome stories out there… I’d love to have you share them.  (I won’t pass any on without permisison, but may look to if you’re interested.)

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