April 14, 2011

On catching buses … or not

There are MANY important steps when catching a bus.

Planning your route is simple with google maps.  It is a bonus when the trip requires just one bus to get from A to B.

It’s pleasing when the bus is scheduled to arrive close to the required destination at a time close to the event start-time.  This looks promising for a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Pack supplies like cell phone, water, book.  Give instructions like which way the bus stops number: will the destination stop (22) be arrived at after Stop 21 or Stop 22?  (This is important, at least when a successful journey is made)

Leave home in plenty of time to walk to bus stop.

Look at timetable attached to lamp post (or whatever SA’s call them).  Observe the general patterm of frequency of buses (more on this important step later, the author recommends a more thorough observation of time-specific timetable details))

Sit chatting happily with bus-catching daughter, waiting for the bus.

The next step is important.  It is best to do this at an earlier stage in order to ensure successful bus catching.

Ask, “Have you got your bus ticket?”.  Observe look of horror.  Sent daughter running with keys back home.  Wait and will bus to be late.

Once the bus has passed, sigh.  Walk slowly towards home, collecting running (bus ticket clutching) daughter on the way.  It is safe to walk this part of the journey (at least it seemed like a good idea at the time).  Best to call the person expecting your daughter at the other end and advise of change of arrival time.

Return to home and computer to plan next option.  Observe with horror that while there is a GENERAL 30 minute pattern to the buses there is ONE exception to that… at this moment, when the (two) buses are a mere 9 minutes apart.

Run back (up hill) to bus stop.  Presume the bus you see going by right on time couldn’t possibly be it.  Arrive at stop pleased not to have encountered bus en route.   Wait hopefully for bus.

Look at timetable attached to lamp post (or whatever SA’s call them).  Note that NEXT bus (after one hopefully waiting for) is another 40 minutes later.

Wait hopefully, and then less hopefully.

Eventually decide bus must have passed already.

Retreat homeward.  Again, walking is advised here.  Don’t make another attempt on this day.

Send apologetic text to expected location.  Try again another day.

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