August 11, 2011

And self control

May need to stick with self control for a while longer.  Kayli made chocolate chip cookies. They are very small, but very moreish…

Working from home is a challenge on many fronts.  The thing i miss most is the ability (when “stuck” or needing a micro-break) to wander off to chat to a colleague.  At home there are no colleagues. There are chocolate chip biscuits and facebook.

Both of which are fine in moderation. 🙂

I’ve worked from home for at least a component of my work since moving to Christchurch in 2004.   It is hugely convenient for a number of reasons.  I think it is good for a part of my week, but i would to be elsewhere for a part of my week.  In contact with real people, perhaps.

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August 10, 2011


I’ve struggled to “isolate” gentleness as it seems to go/grow hand in hand with so many of the other fruit.  Patience and kindness for example. Maybe it’s a peach to their nectarine, or a mandarin to the orange of patience and the tangelo of kindness. Or maybe i need to sit with it for longer.

So I wasn’t sure whether to stay with gentleness, until it was clearer or to move on…  I moved on, but i’ll be back.

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August 08, 2011

Faithfulness is…

the ‘yet will i praise GOD’ gritting your teeth and sticking with it moments… when we hold to our beliefs and read the Psalms for a reminder that we’re not alone in our sense of not-right-ness.

To receive faithfulness is like wallowing in a “just right” hot pool or sea, fully embracing and refreshing.

To be faithful is to remember that sensation, even when the source seems far away.

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August 07, 2011

Goodness gracious

“Goodness” was yesterday’s fruit of the day.

Recalled Psalm 23, “Surely gooness and loving kindness shall follow me all the days of my life”.  (Specifically recalled the Keith Green version of the song, which clearly dates me).

Nice to imagine being followed, pursued perhaps by goodness, by loving kindness.  Pursued by God.

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August 06, 2011


I am not sure i particularly USED kindness today… Kindness is an “easy” one for me.  I am by nature kind, so it comes naturally, so as not to be noticed.  So i began to blog this because of the disclipine, rather than because there was anything particular to say.

I’d wondered if i’d need kindness when Miss 11 arrived home from a week’s adventure camping, but no, no special amonts of kindness required.  I did send flowers to mum and i guess that was kind, though it just seemed natural.

But then (as i was typing) i realised that we as a family RECEIVED kindness today in the form of a (belated, and carefully chosen) Welcome to Australia gift basket full of creative and insightful goodies.

So my fruit today was one enjoyed by me/us. The refreshment of welcome. The awareness of care and thought going in to select gifts and to prepare the accompanying words.

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August 04, 2011

Patience… hmmm, a useful reminder

The fruit of the day is patience.

It is 10.01 and despite getting up at 6.30 have not yet “achieved” or perhaps “completed” anything work related.  BUT I have written to my birthday-nieces, texted my mother, bailed on coffee with a friend (too wet), emptied and filled the dishwasher, trawled through loads of old memory-inducing items in search of anything that might tell me my Auckland Uni student number (unsuccessful; but then having only done one paper for credit unsurprising perhaps), received a warranty form to complete in order to BEGIN to sort issue with intermitently working TV remote, and sent 5 emails (3 to different people all called Karen, how about that?)

I need to remember to be patient with myself and patient with regard to the process-time things take.


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August 03, 2011

Peace came early…

The “fruit” (of the spirit) i decided (on Sunday) i needed more of in my life at the mo is peace.  Sometimes the gloom and unsettledness settles(!) and needs to be banished.  Peace seemed a good antidote to that.

And today (in my fruit a day) is peace-day.  So I was wondering what that might mean, having enjoyed joy!

But it came in handy earlier as i spoke with my mum last night. Mum is in hospital following a hip fracture and surgery. And she’s been suffering that gloom and angst that can sneak up on us at night, in dark and in pain.

So i prayed peace for her, and we talked about practical ways to KNOW peace even when we don’t feel it.

And then a text from a friend who needs peace in her everyday reality.

So my peace-emphasis, which i thought was going to be all about me, has become about others  …  which, of course, helps me too.  (for its in giving that we receive, and all that)

Who are you praying peace for?

(BTW Mum had a better night last night, yay)

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August 02, 2011

Another fruit: that would be joy

Joy can be found lurking/frollicking perhaps in the little details: the incessant chirp of a bird for example.  Or that warmed by the sun feeling (inside the sun-warmed car being a fav spot for me to be reminded of the warmth of God’s love)

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A fruit of the day

Breakfast Worship on Sunday morning was themed around the fruit of the spirit.

Afterwards I wondered… how would it be to “carry” a fruit with me each day, and seek to respond accordingly to the things i encountered.

Must confess that today (love) wasn’t especially profound, though i did recall my fruit from time to time, and can see potential for habit-forming-ness.  And simple reminders.

Joy tomorrow.

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